Monday, December 6, 2010

The Sweet Smelling Tofu

I just introduced Zahra to tofu around last month and it has become her most favourite ever since. I'm not quite sure why she loves it so much because I serve it plain, just boil the tofu and mash it with fork and she will gobble it happily. Must be the sweet nutty smell that arouse her appetite.

Tofu with papaya before mashed. I had to eat papaya as she wants only plain tofu! Tried to mix it with other fruits before but she doesn't like it.

I bought the organic tofu from Tesco, the small pack can serve 4 meal for her. The portion is quite big but she still can finish it to the last bit. I normally give tofu for dinner or snack time during weekend.

Staring at her food happily. No, I won't let her eat by herself, because I am lazy to clean the mess after that.

I also introduced Zahra Elena to some finger food - to keep her sit still in the stroller and it works! I gave her weetameal for last weekend but it's not a proper baby food, with the excessive sugar and whatnot, so we decided to buy her some on the rack finger food.
Heinz biscotti. Just tried the plain one and she walloped it in jiffy!

Anyway, just browsing today and found that the biscotti is high in sugar! Maybe I just can bake some, instead of the instant one. Hmm we'll see lah tahap kerajinan mommy ;P


  1. Zahra~ aunty pun suka tofu dan papahya~ ^_^

  2. oo high in sugar ke?maria br beli yg chocolate tu...huhu..em nak kena ajar aqil makan tofu gak..aqil tak pernah try lagi

  3. me pun too lazy to clean da mess, so suapkn smpi abis.

    tp bg jugakla si kecil ni pegang sudu tp xleh cedok dlm mangkuk. nanti tumpah n berkecah sume.

  4. Salam,

    Oh tidak for Eiman.

    Bertuah Zahra makan makanan senang nak disediakan...

  5. Cik Kopi,
    Yeayy boleh geng ngan Zahra :P

    Me baca ni dpt rating 2/10, considered mcm junk food (but still better than junk food la hehe). Tapi derang dah nak besar kan, gula sikit2 ni ok la kut :P

    Ain Alida,
    Tu la..recommendation is to let them explore with their food, tapi tak kuasa oke berkecah, so me suap siap2

    Hahaha tokua lembut. Tu think Zahra ni quite senang. Tapi sbb dia tak biasa lagi makanan yg lagi sedap kut. Nnt dah try siap la me kena masak proper2 :P