Thursday, December 16, 2010

Biggest SCAM

If you guys have some free time, read this

I went, oh-my-God... the biggest scam ever!

I don't have anything against MLM because to me it's ur choice to make the business, but SCAMMED MLM? What shitload.

Faked Dr and Prof, fake degree website, ok boleh terima lagi, and fake holy Quranic verse's quoted? OMG..keji keji keji!!

Read it, it's worth your time. Shows what's going on in our country and how far our people willing to strike to get what they want.


  1. i have been following that blog since last two weeks.hehehe.Yup memang betul memang keji i meant u kaya dengan cara kotor.Tipu orang not good rite?u should read other post will really shcok u.That guys seems to know lots of stuff.dia ade buat research i guess.And kita sebagai pengguna kenala make sure tak tertipu ye dak?

  2. keji! mencik org2 yg amek jalan mudah nak pedaya org lain utk kepentingan sendiri!