Thursday, December 16, 2010

Grainy Porridge for Big Princess

I am a bit free today, hence the double updates hehehe.

Life kinda plain lately, no interesting story and still revolves around that budak kecik. This is another boring story about Zahra's food, but heck, I already snapped the pic, so here it is.

Since I was on leave last week, I managed to prepare big sum of food stock - yeah..still giving her frozen food, but hey, do you know that frozen food is still the second best after fresh one? Haha.. mommy being defensive here.

By the way, here it is..

1 - porridge with beef and ginger
2 - porridge with chicken, garlic and carrot
3 - apple + avocado puree
4 - cavendish banana + pear puree

It looks a lot but when I counted, it can last Zahra for 2 weeks only *cried*. It's her lunch and tea time at babysitter's place. I gave her fresh meal for dinner, depending on what my MIL cooks :P

Oh ya, she's a big girl now that doesn't want her porridge to be pureed anymore. She loves the grainy texture, so I made the porridge with minced meat/chicken, and diced the carrot MANUALLY! Things mommy does for you sayang! Haha..susah oke..nak dice kecik2. I also didn't pureed the rice but cook it a bit longer as she takde gigi pun! Tapi tanak makan lembik2.

While we are at food topic, I found this article on why baby don't need extra salt. Baby at age below 12months get complete salt from our breastmilk, and consuming too much salt from young can lead to high blood pressure when they are older. Interesting right? Maybe this explains why HBP is quite popular in our young generations lately? Not to mention the McD and KFC ;P What can we say, life on the go, I have it like at least once in 2 weeks, and sometimes few times in a week if my MIL doesn't cook.

On the other story, Zahra loves fridge very much. She will crawl mcm lipas kudung whenever I open the fridge, leaving whatever thing or mood she's having. Tengah menangis2 pun boleh stop and terus come to the icebox when I open it. And so this is officially another trick when we want her to sit still or stopping her from climbing our legs while we are in the kitchen ;)


  1. Salam,

    What is it with baby and fridge?
    Eiman byk kali jari tersepit, mlm tadi dia berjaya buka pintu sampai kena muka dia... STILL nak main fridge jugak.

    BTW, mama gambo peti ais baru? hihihi

  2. aqil pun dah start makan yg tak puree..

  3. Tatty,
    Tu la! Me pun tak faham, pastu terkepit tau pulak tak teriak(sebab salah sendiri kan haha). Fridge baru nanti lah..takde barang lagi dlm tu, kena tunggu me pi market :P

    Hehe kalau gigi byk takpe, Zahra ni gigi pun baru dua ish ish ish.. Derang dah besar, dah tanak lembik2