Monday, December 13, 2010

Another hair clip and another clingy day

Still on leave today. The house is such a mess, Zahra punya pasal. She's being her usual self, so clingy and cranky. What frustrates me is, I don't know why and how to tackle it. I can't do anything or she will cry and cry and cry. All she wants me to do is, do nothing. The moment I just lie on the bed doing nothing, she will start playing by herself, crawling la, climbing la, playing with the toys and stuff. She doesn't mind if I don't play with her, only need to be with her and don't do anything. But once I berdiri or buat kerja, she will cry sampai la I pick her up. Such a complicated kiddo.

Anyway, just a quick entry because she fell asleep *finally* and Cik Kopi misses her so much, so this gonna be entry full of her pics ;)

I made her another hairclip last two weeks, with Halloween theme in mind when I found this pretty bright orange with black stitches ribbon in my stash.

I owe Lalink Khairiah on tutorial how to make the clip. There are many versions online but I'll try to make one on how I do it, when I have ample time to snap pics, edit and all. It's pretty easy by the way.

Ok, gotta have my shower while I still can! :D


  1. oh my...she looks so anak dara oredi, how time flies eh?
    tapi stil cutttteeeee! =)

  2. alalala Zahra comei~ :*

    Ada ke patut mommy salahkan Zahra sebab rumah semak? isk isk isk...tak patut langsung, kan? ;p

  3. it's ok kalau rumah semak pun.
    i yg xde baby pun rumah semak...samun lg.. :)

  4. Elya,
    Exactly, cepat sgt.. rasa mcm tak cukup masa nak layan dia time baby.

    Cik Kopi,
    Hehehe patut patut patut! Nnt besar Zahra kena tolong kemas.

    Hehe kalau I pegi kerja tak rasa bersalah semak sbb both of us takde kat rumah kan, but when I stayed at home, rasa guilty sgt.. mcm mana la other housewives can do it.

  5. alamk comel zahra buat muka yg gamba last tu..nnt nak belajar gak buat clip rambut tunggu aqil ada adik pompuan dulu lah..hehe..

  6. m@ri@,
    Me aminkan #2 dapat girl ;)