Thursday, December 9, 2010

Domestic Goddess failed

Laundry at 3pm

I am on leave today because Zahra's babysitter is having vacation. But only me taking the leave as MrComot is super duper busy, he has to work like usual. And being at home with demanding growing up baby with no hubby, is no fun I tell ya.

Alamak Zahra dah bising..I sambung later.



Zahra is super duper clingy. She's all fine if I just lie down doing nothing and she will play with all the toys, but she willl be extremely bising and cry and panjat both my legs if I standing in the kitchen or at the PC. Baby..mommy still has to cook, if not for me, at least for you *sigh*. I can't attend you all the time.

Anyway I am on leave for the week actually. And my mission to be DG masih samar2 haha. I managed to have my shower at 8PM! It is when MrComot reached home and can lookout for Zahra. And obviously I didn't cook for dinner. Anyway practices will make perfect. I didn't do anything on the 1st day, on the 2nd day managed to do laundry at 3PM and today, laundry is a bit early *ahem* at 11AM! Hehehe. And maybe I manage to iron some clothes later, or bake choc cake --> hahaha ok that's a bit too ambitious.

Again, Zahra dah crying and climbing my leg. Gotta go!


  1. betul2..aqil pun nak kita layan die nak mandi dgn tinggal die kat luar mmg jgn kadang2 mood die ok..

  2. m@ri@,
    Tu pegi shee2 pun melalak budak tu. Kalau daddy dia ada mood ok sikit, maybe kalau tinggal dgn mommy sorg dia takut mommy hilang.