Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The world's price, today.

I was walking down to the carpark that I passed by a stall selling junkies and bought this keropok lekor on impulse, while handing RM1 bill to the 'akak'.

And you know what? The akak said,

"Dua ringgit dik"

I went blank for few seconds, then I handed her another RM1. While walking, I was thinking it was me who being stingy or it is really expensive. After be in the car, I asked to Mr Comot,

"Don't you think it is quite expensive?"
"Yes, it is"

I quickly dig the small cup and only found 7 pieces of small keropok lekor. It is fucking RM2 okay.

Seems like full?

It's not!

Taste-wise, like fish paste with lots of flour. Don't you think it's cheating?

RM2 for:
a. 7 pieces of small keropok lekor with taste more flour than fish
b. it's not from fancy restaurant, just a hawker stall with only one table to dry to oil after frying.

It's cheating for me. But maybe that is the price that we have to pay for today's world.


  1. harga org kl kot, at least kat kelate still dpt 10 pieces for rm1 :) hehe

    moral of the story, sokonglah bn.... barang naik.. ;o

  2. Tu la...gaji naik sket je, tapi barang semua naik mcm nak gila. Anyway kelate pun dah start mahal2 ni. Hari tu balik besut beli nasik utk bfast dah sikit je RM1.50, tak macam dulu.