Monday, January 21, 2008

Visiting the Little Shiny Fella

I went to Kg Kuantan to watch the fireflies last two weekend. It is 70km from Damansara, as the board says. We start our journey around 630PM. It was an adhoc one, when we finally feeling bored with the mall. I was malas2 at first because it's already late but since he insisted, pegi je lah kan..

The washed-off sign board

Basically, none of us know the way. We simply follow the sign board of Kelip2 or Kg Kuantan and around 730 we reached this one looonng-pitched-black road that we couldn't see what's ahead. The road hasn't any lamp-side, not even road-reflector. To make it darker, no other vehicles as well. It was giler horror. I was worried what if something block our journey and harm us. Of course lah I was afraid of the human, not the jembalang. I mean, there are so many robbing and suka-suka hati bunuh orang cases nowadays. Human is definitely scarier than the jembalang.

The horror road. We had to use high beam most of the time.

I kept saying 'betul ke jalan ni' and we almost turn back but after 6 km we arrived the 1st sign board of Kg Kuantan yeay! Thank God.

They have their own small mosque inside of the gate and we had our Maghrib there. The first thing that both of us noticed once we stepped out from the car, was the air. The air is really fresh and smell soo nice. It's like you can smell the jungle, with a little hint of cow's dung. Haha really!

The ticket counter

The fee is per boat, not per head. One boat can consist max of 4 persons. Since it was 2 of us, we have to wait for another couple to join in our boat. Else we can pay RM40 and have our boat. Since it will be 1st experience and I don't know how nice it will turn out, I don't want to pay a lot, so we wait for a while for the next couple. Luckily it was only half an hour of waiting. Our boat partner is an interesting couple, the lady is Malaysian but the gentleman is Sri Lankan. The lady is soo bubbly and I like her immediately. But I forgot to ask their name, boleh? Tiba2 rasa mcm sombong la pulak isk isk.

The jetty

Wearing life-jacket

We rode in a sampan, there is one pakcik that rowing the sampan. It was a 20 mins ride (I think the period is depend on the oarsman) and the fireflies was incredible. They were everywhere along the river. It was like a starry night with rapid blinking. At one point, it reminds me of the Christmas tree hehe. The pakcik even bring us closer to the fireflies and we get to touch them! It was so exciting trying to catch one of them gently, afraid of crushing it. I tried to snap few pictures but failed to catch the lights ;(

At the same time I also afraid that there will be alligator or snake inside the water but most of the time I'm afraid of suddenly ada hantu at the trees, can? Siap baca al-fatihah ok.

To my surprise, the fireflies is relatively small to what I've imagined. According to that pakcik, they are two types of fireflies but the bigger one we call 'Kunang-kunang'. This smaller type is 'Kelip-kelip'. I don't know if they have any other difference but I prefer to have kunang-kunang more than kelip-kelip. You know, the big version like in 'The Grave of Fireflies' movie.

I've seen kunang-kunang once, back then in Terengganu when I was small. It is soo big that we, the kids always run after it hoping get to keep it as a pet. My mom said, there is no kunang-kunang anymore in the village as it lives in big jungle and well, all the big jungles have been murdered.

So guys, go and see the kelip-kelip while they are still there.

Have fun!


  1. org kata kan... kelip-kelip tu kan...
    kuku cha alif .... mampus...

    hihihiihihiii (sila baca mcm suara cik pon gelak)

  2. Whoaaa... beraninya uols naik bot malam-malam. Kalau aku, mau terkencing kot? Aku takut alligator dalam sungai mahupun yang berjalan di atas darat.. hehe.

  3. Anonymous,
    Kuku cha tu apa? serious tak dpt tangkap :(

    Mmg takottt uolss...tapi buat2 berani je. I org last skali get in the boat hehe