Monday, January 28, 2008

Merajuk ;(

Saya sangat merajuk petang ni.

Sebabnyaaa.. hmm sbb kecik je, but trigger the switch. I sent an e-card to Mr Comot and tulis something like this, "...see the wailing tail?" Ada satu gamba dog yg comel tgh goyang2 ekor dia.

Lepas dia dah view..dia diaaammm je. And tiba2 rasa nak gedik2 pegi to his place and cakap la

' The dog is soooo like you kan.. wiggle2 the tail'

Then I was like..

'Ehhhh goyang2 is wiggling kan? And I wrote it wailing right?'


'Wailing yg bunyi2 tu kan..goyang is wiggling kan'

'A'ah..wailing yg bunyi mcm ni...' He's making the sound.

'Then why dont you tell me the right one'

'Hmm..because tanak u marah'

'Marah what? Marah if you correct me?' Time ni dah start piss off dah.

He just smiled.

I was like. HELOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. What's wrong with you, apahal la lu nak takot betul kan gua. Abestu all this while lu takot sama gua la? Ughhhhh!

Well, I know lah why he suddenly mcm tu kan, sbb ada satu case tu I mcm almost nak accident jugak la (I was the driver) sbb nak masuk lane urgently and tak bagi signal. And the car behind me honk gila kuat. So dia ada bebel2 la and kept saying 'You tak bagi signal'. And I shouted, 'Yes I know!'. I stop talking after that and buat muka. Giler saiko kan? I could be mcm tu sometimes, but it depends on who am I dealing with. Normally with people that I am closed with je I always buat perangai. I don't know lah what's wrong with me :(

Anyway, at that time I know lah I was wrong but that doesnt mean I don't like him to correct me. Maybe I don't like the way he criticize me but the reason why I kept quiet was because I want to absorb my mistake, I mean, after you buat salah mesti lah susah nak you nak accept you buat salah kan and I'm trying my best to accept it and telling myself, next time be more careful. He took it as I don't like to be corrected. I am aware of that but I malas lah nak discuss about it kan because I think it is small matter and the thot will wash away someday.

But now, he said he doesn't want to correct me because he likes me so much, so he doesn't want me to be upset after that like that day. WTF lah kan.

If you are soo into each other why you nak cover itu ini. And what if until the end I don't remember the word wiggling and keep accidently switched with wailing forever and ever? Will he be okay with that? What if I always wrong in another thing too and keep repeating it? OMG, giler sakit hati ok.

Susah sangat ke you be comfortable with each other even to correct her? Yes, you still need to be a gentleman. So correct her nicely lah. Not saying she's stupid or what. You don't have to try sooo hard to be the best. Just try your best.

And being the ego of me, he tried to clear things out through YM tadi. But no way lah I will give in easily kan. I told him, hmm something meant mcm ni - Later, I will give ALL THE THINGS THAT I DON'T LIKE list so you can follow it and don't have to correct me. Rasa giler saiko but at that time I don't want to make peace. Sedih tau kalau mcm ni. I don't want a servant. I want someone who loves me, no matter what.

Oh my...I am soooooo hate this situation. And I feel like crying. And I feel so macam budak2. Benci. :(

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