Friday, January 4, 2008

How do you like your salted egg?

Hye guys,

Sorry for the long hiatus. I was away, spending holiday in my hometown. There are lots of entries I promised to keep up, but I don't think I can write it anymore. First, because the story already loonng time ago, so the sparks already gone. Second, because some of the stories already..hmm.. expired *nanges*.

Take Christmas decoration in KLCC for example. I did go to KLCC that Saturday and capture the yummy snowmen, but then, I can't get hold to any keyboard and the pictures is safely in my folder files and since Christmas already long gone, there is no story I guess. It's already New Year okay! *sigh*.

I remember another entry that I promised to write as well, regarding shopping impulse. Hmm..maybe later (again). BTW, I read somewhere that someone who doesn't keep promise to himself will end up not trusting himself. scary. Not believing in yourself, nothing could be any worse kan.

Anyhow, today's entry is nothing important. Just something slip out from my brain.

How do you like your salted egg?

I like mine with the yolk is full as it can be. The yellow one is yummier than the white, don't u think so? If possible, it will be a tad wet (but still hard) and this definitely will get me drooling. Normally I will save the yolk until the end of the meal and have it generously then. Save the best for the last right?

This is my perrfectttto salted duck egg. Big egg yolk and a bit wet. Yummy!
Picture courtesy of wikipedia.

Ok folks. Later. Enjoy your meal. Oh ya, Happy New Year!! I have no resolution this year. Hmm.. maybe to be better, in everything. That's all.



  1. Aiyoyo kadavale, sedapnya! Lekiu doesnt eat the egg yolk sebab dia kata kang anak ayam menetas dalam perut, hahaha! So aku lah untung, kaan? Telur masin apatah lagi, dia makan yang putih je..hihi

  2. Aaaa best kannn kita boleh gobble sorang2 telur kuning tu ekekeke. Tapi yg lagi best, yg kuning tu la paling byk kolestrol. Kosser lah kan.