Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Funny washroom

Everything is back to normal. Thank God. Really.

Just a short entry as I am quite busy. A lot of things need to be settled before next week. I hope I can finish up everything as soon as possible and I am working hard you know. It is already 8PM and I'm still in the office. Well, I take writing this entry as a quickie-indulgement, and I need to go back home before hmm..let say 830. ( I promised myself to go back at 800 just now *sigh*).

Anyway I bet most of you (maybe ALL of you - mcm lah ramai sgt my reader pun kan) already seen this picture, since it's nothing new in the internet. But I still want to share it with you guys as I kinda like this picture, it looks naughty and cute! Don't you think so? And do you really think this kind of washroom exist?

Funny washroom

I saved it from internet like, 3 years ago. Maybe it has been circulating wayyy longer than that, I don't know.

So if you are a guy, which urinal basin will you pick? :D

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