Friday, January 25, 2008

The sick days...

I'm not feeling very well lately. I have this heart-burn thingy, almost everyday, especially when I am eating. Of course this make me uneasy, I' m hungry but I couldn't enjoy the food. This is not new issue. I always feel bloated but be my own doctor and keep saying it is only gas and will go away somehow. But last weekend is the final straw. I felt bloated like crazy and my stomach grew big, I mean real big that made me said, that's it, I need to see real doctor.

I saw 2 doctors in a row in fact. The first one immediately write out a referal letter to gastroelogist in Pusrawi. Well, it wasn't really immediately. She wrote it after I told her that I would like to see a specialist. The thing is, I insisted to have Ampang Puteri as it is near to my place and they already have my data (for my dengue case in somwhere 2006). But this doctor said Pusrawi has the best gastroelogist and she even wrote the doctor's name. Well, this make me a little bit uneasy. I mean, I want AP, I don't have history in Pusrawi and out of no solid reason, I just simply feel uneasy. So I just keep the letter in the car, and will use it later if needed.

I immediately went to 2nd doctor in Bangsar, and unfortunately the doctor is a male. I wished I had lady doctor as I want her to touch my belly and if possible do some scanning because I am actually worried abour how polyp or fibroid can make u gain weight drastically. Well, being tak malu me, I don't mind the male doctor checking that for me, but the thing is, the doctor yg malu, boleh? The doctor is pakcik already, I think around 45-50 yo. I kept hinting about the bloatness and the bowoiness and my fear of the polyp and fibroid. All he asked is my period flow and etc etc. Then he said that I am normal and maybe about to develop gastritis. I siap stretch my shirt at my belly and said,

'I never gained weight before, is this normal?' showing him my bulge, giler keji okeh.

I can see that the shy doctor tried to hold his smile and all he said is, 'It's normal'. Aaahhh so, no belly scanning for me. His shyness made me shy as well to ask for the check-up.

Anyway, what I would like to share is about the medicine. The doctor gave me omeprazole and alucid for a week.

The interesting part is when I tried to swallow the alucid tablet (the yellow one). It is sooo big like a five cents coin but it never occur to my mind that there is another way to eat the medicine. I know it is big but I think (yeah, I think!) still can be swallowed, hence I quickly put it in my mouth and washed it with gallon of water resulting an immediate vomiting in the sink. After the vomit I still can see the tablet, big and round sebijik in the sink. My goodness.

Then I break it into two pieces and have it slowly.

Oh ya..that real interesting part came in the 2nd day of taking the tablet. I was reading junks on the internet and suddenly I feel like reading the back of the tablets. Guess what I've found?

Yes sir! ...tablets to be chewed...

To be chewed ok. Not swallowed. Oh my God.. Silly me!

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