Thursday, September 8, 2011

Spongebob Baby

Something funny happen last night.

As usual, we catch up each others life the moment we set our foot off from the office, and it will start with on the way back home where we will have various of conversations. Sometimes serious sometimes junk. MrComot reads about serious politics, cars, guy stuff, stocks, whatever important thing happen in this world and me on the other hands, read light blogs, parenthood, religions, gossips, artist, u know..junk stuff. So normally we will exchange our stories.

Since Zahra is still small, I didn't really filter my words. After all I am a woman with grace, I talk only good thing with good words ha ha ha ha.

Ok anyway, last night we were talking about pig and dog.

So last night I raise about this current trend where muslim in Malaysia having dogs as pet, and how some people bad mouthing about them and where this so-called good people say nasty thing up to a point they missed another perspective.... that it's not 'haram' to touch or whatever, only considered as najis mughallazah (the saliva). We always misuse the word and term right? Like pig's haram to be eaten but not to touch..kalau terkena, samak je la kan...

I pun dengan bersemangat ni bercerita..

Tu laa..kita selalu salah faham..babi tu haram makan.. nak pegang babi, pegang la..tapi kena la samak, babi tu najis berat (something like that, I remembered repeating 'babi' a lot haha)

Zahra was latching on me like usual, and suddenly she stopped and pull my shirt

Maak..mak... (she has this habit calling everyone mak, whenever she wants attention) .. baaaa...biiiiii.. baaaa..biiiii


I was stunned ok! I mean, I never thought she is listening to what I say. After all banyak lagi words lain and babi yg dia pick up?


And then I was thinking back, what's wrong with it? Babi is just an animal. And I didn't use it in bad context, you know, like cursing or what. So I play along with her..

Yes sayang..babi bunyi macam mana? oink oinkk
Oakk oakkk

Coww?? Mooo moooo
Mooo moooo



Woof woof

Oaakk oaakkk

This reminds me how your kids absorbing every little thing, like a sponge! And it's time for us to be careful and watch our speech. She used to mock when I said 'Bodoh' or 'Damn' - she said doh! and dem! (it was bad traffic with bad driver all around to my defense hehe) But she was smaller that time and I don't think she really understands what it means. But now she's getting smarter, we really have to watch out.

I have this friend whom like to say 'fuck' a lot, even though when she drops her pen. It's not really a curse per se, just something she does out of habit. I know she thinks it's cool but it ain't cool to me.

Even though Zahra is still a small kid and will make her own choice later, but as a parent, I'll try my best to set a good example. I don't want Zahra cursing or loves using bad word, well just because I don't like it and again, it ain't cool. Who doesn't love Bill Compton, with the refined speech, instead of Andy Bellefleur the vulgar and crude sheriff. Told ya I am a woman of grace ha ha ha.

End of word, gotta start with myself first! Lepas ni mommy cakap sopan santun ok. And babi is animal tauuuu... don't use it to scold people. It's not cool :)

Ps: Even though 'babi' is only an innocent animal, I still find it vulgar hahaha. I feel more comfortable to use the word 'pig' :P


  1. Salam,

    I am so afraid sbb ZwanZwan punya mulut DASAT! so far tak ada lagi yg diambil oleh Eiman...

    but Zahra SO SWEEEEEEET!

  2. Mommy Fara,
    Zahra takde la sebut tepat2..but ok la kut for her age? Hehe..banyak jugak vocab yg dia dah tahu/faham. Tapi kalau bab lari2 takde sgt..dia ni mmg lembut alahai :p

    Sweeet howwww? Musykil hehe. Haha kalau Eiman cakap ganas2..cakap kat Zwan..haaa awak la ni hahaha.

    On the other prespective, cursing pun can be considered new vocab haha. In a way, it's a good thing kut :P