Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Sailor-Pwincess

MrComot's auntie gave Zahra a sailor dress almost a year ago, and only now it fits her nicely. Coincidentally she hosted an open house last weekend, so I decided to dress her in that dress.

Not only new dress, Zahra also got new hair-clip from mommy! Haha..finally angin kerajinan tu datang. I have a lot of material in the house and suddenly thinking to do matching hair clip for her. It was a last minute decision, so I just whip out whatever cross the mind.

Zahra in the sailor dress. See the moon face, so chubby kan. Anyway, I tried to capture the whole dress, but susah dia asyik gerak-gerak.

The dress when she sits. It's a knee length dress, A line cut.

And the hair clip! This is the closest blue felt that I can find in my stash. Free hand cut, stitched with white embroidery floss, and stamped with white 4-hole button.

Zahra with the same hair clip, but different way wearing it.

Overall I love the hair clip so much because it's so simple yet chick looking to me. Plan to make more like this bu tin different colors. Maybe to match other dresses :D


  1. Zahra comel! Hair clip tu mmg comel. Simple. Kreatif gak Aan nie. Cuma tgl nak rajinkan lebih sket je. Klu tak, mst berkotak2 hair clip koleksi Zahra. Hahahah!

  2. Haha..mommy fara, rajin tu mmg the magical word that i need :p