Tuesday, September 13, 2011

37-weeks mommy

I'm 37-weeks this week! It is considered full term already and I'm ready to go into labor anytime now! (37-42 weeks is full term period range).

BabyG is already engaged!

Wow, that is a scary thought. Let me take a new breath..

Ok, according to last week's scan, his head is already in the position, not as in going down only, but already masuk there.. Rough weight is about 2.6kg and will reach 3.0kg if delivered on 40 weeks (based on 100g per week add estimation). Ok la kan..Zahra was 3.4kg hehe and I delivered her in my 40 weeks. The waterbag looks fine too, air ketuban still enough for babyG and he is enjoying his stay inside.

But the scary part came when the doctor said, I can deliver in my 38 weeks if stressed. Life is a bit hectic with Zahra's checkup and all kan..but I really really pray that I'll deliver on 40 weeks (or more! doesn't matter) because Zahra is this close to zero Nephrotic Syndrome and she is on the way to taper of the steroid. I need to monitor her betul-betul.

So babyG, stay strong and hang on ok...mommy not pushing you to stay, you can come out whenever you are ready, but it will be nice if not sooner than October.

On mommy's condition, the heartburn is coming back and I only notice it slows down when I take a lot of fruits. So mommies, eat your fruits ok. And I feel very very heavy..in fact I can feel babyG down there! Scary... I also started to have some discharge, upon reading, it's a sign that my body is readying for the big day. Also started to feel the sharp 1 second pelvic pain. It's more like pelvic snap. Tiba2 je tangkap kat pelvic...

Oh ya talking about discharge, if you have too much discharge from 36 weeks, you may want to do GBS test (Group B streptococcus), it is a bacterial infection and can be passed through to the baby during delivery. Kalau pass through, baby ada high chance dpt jangkitan paru-paru and you may have pre-term baby. Normally doctor will give antibiotic to treat this. It is something rare I guess because I never heard about this during my 1st pregnancy, but it's good to know about any possibilities regarding your pregnancy. For more info you can read about it from here: http://www.americanpregnancy.org/pregnancycomplications/groupbstrepinfection.html. However, my gynea said I don't have to do the test since I don't have the symptoms.

Zahra still want to latch..it makes me pissed sometimes because my boobs is very sore lately..and I'm afraid it will stimulate the pitocin hormone as well. But kesian Zahra, she will want to latch especially after taking the medicine, probably due to the very bitter taste and want to comfort herself. Due to these situations, I had mixed feeling, pissed and sad. What a feeling.. But I can take it as I am an adult. Zahra is still small...so I braced myself and just let her..

And this is me in my 37 weeks.

Anyway, there are a lot of reasons why I'm not ready to be in delivery yet.

1) I haven't pack my hospital bag
2) The confinement room is not ready yet
- have to change the bed's frame, the plywood support is broken
- need to service the aircond
- need to bring down the babycot, it's still in the master bedroom
- jemur all the comforters and pillow
3) bought the confinement stuff - I don't know why I'm procrastinate on this, malas betul nak beli
4) book the tukang urut
5) confirmed on the cord blood cells banking

See...all is major stuff and it shows how I'm not ready yet.

Other than that, I think we'll manage. Hopefully I'll have a smooth and easy delivery, and cepat-cepat sembuh so that I can take care of both babies. Amin...


  1. salam,

    1. siapkanlah weekend ni
    2. kurus mcm tu pun bleh patah? kalau me yang baring sure reputtrus kot :P
    3. minta your adik belikan jer :P
    4. tu kena book sekarang takut full wooo
    5. er er er...

    akhir kata... HANG IN THERE MAMY!

  2. aan,u buat mata i berkaca2 okey...huhu.sgt memahami situasi u.i do nothing for baby dlm perut ni..masa cepat sgt berlalu.now dh 6month.bz dgn work..alamrmhtangga and baby harraz.sampai diri sendiri x tjaga..bila dok sorang2 usap perut'..rasa sdh kt baby ni.bkn ignore dia tp.... :( tp the best part is..baby ni girl!! Nnti i sambung lg...tk care!

  3. Mg selamat ibu dan babynya...slmt hari raya

  4. Aan.. perut dah besar! cepat la packing! :)

    amek stemcell ke cryocord?

  5. maria ritu pn lebih kurang gak dr estimated 2.7 ms 36w..then lahir marissa 40w..dah jadi 3.45kg..he3..padahal berat maria turun dan statik sebulan akhir tu..puasa kot...apepun kemas cepat brg2 tu..kang bersalin awal naya je..hehe..buat time weekend ni okay..gud luck dear..

  6. Tenkiu Tatty! Hehe patah sbb katil murah. Dia pakai compressed serbuk kayu je utk alas tu, me rasa la :p

    Sara, wahhhh baby girl? Congratsssss. A'ah..beza sgt masa 1st one, byk masa kita nak belek dia kan. Takpela, sayangnya tetap sama, cuma cara mungkin dah berbeza :)

    Thanks Zul, Selamat hari raya to u too :)

    MariaHafiz, baikkk *terus packing*. Me amik stemcell kut, sbb dia partner ngan hospital me bersalin tu. Cryocord tak pernah kena approach lagi.

    m@ri@, hehe tu la..harap2 jgn awal. Wahh semangat jugak Marissa ni :D

  7. Aan, y u decide to keep the stemcell? If u do it for Zahra before, will it help her current condition?

  8. Sis, good luck preparing for the delivery okay?

    Owh, your perot adelah sungguh besaq. Hehe. Mine was so so jer sampai semua pon confuse bila tetiba dah beranak. he he.( Me beranak at 37th week :P)

    Take care okie :)

  9. Feens, i consider it as insurance. We will never know what our kids will have kan. Maybe i wont do for all kids, but at least have one la..it can be used to any sibling, insyaAllah. On zahra's case, no specific test lagi, but there is a leading study on that.

    Thanks DD! Me at 39 when replying this comment and still x beranak hehe. Maybe baby nak bagi mommy pegi BBW. Jom jom jom!