Friday, September 23, 2011

The Best Person in Town

I had my weekly checkup on last Tuesday, everything is normal but dr advice me to rest if I don't want to go into labor earlier than my intended date, so she gave me a week MC. How cool is that.

And do you know what is cooler? My mom is in town!!!!

Coincidentally my sister is having her convocation in Penang this Saturday, so both of my parents will go there but they decided to stop by for the whole week, just for this reason - to cook my favourite dishes / whatever I want to eat before babyG pop out. Howwwww sweeeeettt?

Ok, I think part of it they want to see Zahra as well, but let me indulge with my own story ok? Haha.

So far I had laksa penang, bubur lambuk, daging bakar, gulai ayam kampung, ikan aya masak kicap, kembung bakar kosong with onions and kicap dip and today let see...we are having sotong something2 but the most important thing is, the sotong is laden with their eggs. Nyum!!

And ikan kembong tu mmg nampak simple, but my mom specifically brought it here all the way from Besut as it's big and have eggs!

I have a thing eggs but not chicken eggs. I love love fish eggs, squid eggs, crab eggs, prawn eggs, nyummmmmmmm!!!!!! Tenkiu momma!

So that will summarize my busy week - EATING!

Happy Friday everyone and hope you have a good weekend!


  1. Can I go to ur house? Why didn't u let me know earlier? I would have gone and greet ur mom.. and all the food. hahaha

    Sila makan puas2 sebelum pantang ye, heheheh

  2. Alalalalaalala...i was so kelam kabut haha..tu la lupa to alert u..bee pun i didnt tell. Hopefully our BBW jadi. Tengah postpone tak deliver lagi = rest giler2. :p