Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday Madness

We had a very drama morning yesterday.

As usual, we have to feed Zahra the medicine every morning and it has become alternate days now, and yesterday is the 'lucky' day. So, i woke her up early at 7am instead of her bangun sendiri to warm up her and let her have some food before the medicine. She has to take at least 3oz milk to coat her stomach and lately, breakfast is impossible because she refused to eat in the morning.

Her diet somehow changed, she doesn't eat that much anymore, I'm not sure if it's either because we are tapering the steroid or simply a phase where kids don't like to eat.

Anyway, the week before was easier because I was on leave, so dia makan ubat lambat sikit around 9-10am but now I'm working , have to move a bit earlier, and boy...it was a challenge!

First, she refused to drink the milk, at all. Then I tried to bribe her with a lot of thing that she used to take in the morning, apples, grapes, cornflakes, etc. Semua tanakkkk tanakkk tanakkkk. All she wants to do is watching her barney on the iPad. So we waited and pujuk her..like every 5 mins, I will offer her milk and I even used the old trick, breastfeed her, then change to milk, tanakkkkkkkk. She will push the bottle away and marah me.

Then it's almost 9am, I said that's it la. We go work and I'll try to give her the milk in the car, afterall it's gonna be 1 hour journey kan. Mesti dia minum and sampai at babysitter's house, we'll crush the pills and feed her.

Guess what?

Dalam kereta pun tanak minummmmmm. It's like 3 hours after she woke up and tanak drink/eat anything.

So I decided to feed her soups we made, at babysitter's house and then wait for a while and then give her the medicine. Lambat pun lambat lah..what to do kan, this is unpredictable. Masa tu both of us dah tense. All we had in our mind 'Zahra kena makan ubat!'. When we arrived, lift pulak rosakkkkk. The whole button thing gone off from the wall. So macam bergaduh pulak kat situ..we have to climb to 7th floor and MrComot of course x bagi I naik because I'm very heavy now and we never let the babysitter feed Zahra this new medicine, it's a bit tricky as you have to crush la, mix with sugar la, etc etc. So it has to be us yg bagi Zahra the medicine. After all, we won't trust others to give her this particular medicine anymore because of the last incident.

So, scrap the plan, we decided to bring Zahra to the office, feed her soups, then the medicine, then MrComot will bring Zahra to the babysitter and go to 7th floor alone. Fair enough and doable la kan.

But there's a lot running inside both our mind.. MrComot keep on saying jom cutilah! Whilst I on the other hand want to go to work because I've been on leave before kan, need to settle few things. But maybe he has another concern, so I said up to him la, nak cuti jom cuti!

Both of us are contemplating with the decisions, and a few meters before we reach our office, he detour and take a different route 'jom cuti!'. Apparently he was thinking, how to give Zahra medicine in the office, with her screaming and all. I pulak jenis tak kisah hahaha. But have to respect his concern too. So we decided to call the day off and take emergency leave.

Before we naik the NKVE, we made a short stop to the nearest pharmacy to buy the protein sticks (it almost finished) and not available. Pasal protein stick pun satu hal, we've been scouting to 8 pharmacies and none have it. Sigh.... lastly just preorder it..hopefully it will reach us before the sicks finished.

I still on leave today, as I have my antenatal checkup. And tomorrow gonna be medicine day..wonder how it gonna be. We plan to wake Zahra at 6am biar dia segar lama sikit and hopefully she will eat something. Else..maybe I have to leave her to the babysitter, then after she ate, go again to feed the medicine..provided the lift is working. But I won't have car tomorrow as MrComot need to be in CBJ in the morning. Hopefully my girlfriends are in the office so can use their car.. Please please please either one, make it work

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  1. hi aan, apa khabar? saya selalu ternanti2 updates dari aan. tp lps dah baca, xtawu nak komen ape.

    saya doakan zahra sembuh dan happy ceria mcm selalu. dan juga aan dapat lahirkan babyG dgn senang dan tenang nanti.

    take care aan, you're such a strong mummy. i always look up on you as my inspirational person when im down.

  2. Hi Ain..thanx for reading me. Thanks for the prayers..insyAllah everything will be ok nanti. Parenthood definitely changed us..walaupun there are times when we feel so down and weak, we have to be strong for the kids kan...