Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Eid 2011

Hi everyone! How was your raya? I hope everyone had a blast. Mine biasa-biasa je, like usual, all the families will be at one's house and everybody will go there to gather. This year is at Auntie Zaza's where I had scrumptious dalca daging and vanilla cupcakes. Yum!

But I didn't eat that much because my stomach still adjusting and I have low appetite. It's so weird...

Anyway talking about raya, do you know that I only salam MrComot on the 3rd day!!! So kelam kabut and tak kisah ahahaha. No drama nanges whatsoever. At first I nak la salam2 on the morning macam biasa kan..but dengan tak siapnya lagi, then buat sup for Zahra, prepare her lunch because we are going out beraya, then siap kan dia lagi, and tup2 MrComot dah siap sembahyang raya (the mosque is few meters only from our house), then when he came back, I take my bath, have my solat sunat hari raya..then siap2 myself pulak and eh eh dah pukul 11AM! Rush to Zaza's families..then went to Auntie Jot's house..then balik rumah after Asar and the 3 of us terbongkang flat hahaha.

And guess what we have for dinner? Maggie goreng!!!!

Punyala don't know what to eat and I have no heart for rendang anymore. Ughhhh...I know they are yummy..but seriously I can't eat rendang anymore that dah. By the way, if I can pun, we don't even have raya food in the house, only some cookies haha.

Then we had a few open house invitations throughout the weeks and attend all of them. This weekend we still have a couple, by my aunties.

Raya this year might sound boring but it's actually a blessing in disguise. Both of us get to rest a lot, which we need the most and fully refreshed on the next week, to work. Even though deep down inside I still feel longer holiday will be a bliss, but I had enough time resting. And for the first time holiday with Zahra was so much fun and stress-free. Kalau cuti 2 hari weekend je, memang rasa penat sangat.

I have so many stories to share. Will try to write again later. Below is Zahra's pic on the raya morning, when I asked her to smile..and she sengih like that. Haha. And with her baju kurung from Giant! :P


  1. with her favourite iPad..hehehe. Selamat hari raya to u, zahra n mr comot.

  2. That's why..tak sempat nak remove..dia bz tgk previously hehehe. Happy raya to u and sham and danish too!

  3. Satu gambar jer? ingatkan nak upload banyak~

  4. Owh~ Selamat Hari Raya to you darlings~

    Maaf Zahir & Batin too.