Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Lovely-Rempit Day

Remember the sweet escape? Yeah, we planned to do it once a month, but you know lah, work rules! MrComot was busy by end of the year and super busy when 2011 comes. Thank you company for the one-week-CNY-forced-leave, that's when we decided to leave Zahra Elena at her babysitter and proceed with our sweet escape :D

Anyway this is our 3rd time having each other, the 2nd one we went to The Gardens and watched Tangled, but it sucks, not the movie, the date, because..macam tak buat apa2 tiba2 masa habis can?

Since we don't think movie is suitable for our timeline anymore, we decided to go to places that we won't go with Zahra, like...The Golden Triangle Jalan Bukit Bintang! Yeah, we won't go to Lowyat Plaza, Sg Wang, BB Plaza, etc with little one. It's too...stuffy and crowded!

I was giggling like schoolgirl with the idea because it was such long time ago the last time I set my foot here, before we gotten married. And super excited as well that I snapped ridiculous pic as well, like this:

This is the first pic I took that day and MrComot asked, 'Why you amik gamba ni?'. And I replied something like this 'It's because it's not easy for me to come to this place and I don't know when I will be here again. This place might change you know'. Haha I cheesy!

I used to call this place for rempit ok. Not literally for mat rempits.. but because you have to be rempit to be here. Rempit in my own dictionary la. You have to be brave, tak boleh lemah gemalai, and berani mati lintas jalan dekat area sibuk. Tak boleh mengada-ngada mcm shopping kat Pavillion lah oke haha. Do you know that I was pick pocketed here? And lost RM500 cash. Not once ok, TWICE! Oh my..I was so rempit those days, suka sgt datang tempat ni hahaha.

Some CNY deco in front of Sg Wang. Rabbit year! Anyway I was expecting extravaganza deco in Sg Wang because this is Chinese area, but it's quite bland this year, macam nak tak nak je the deco :(

We reached there around noon with grumbling stomach but had a hard time to decide on the eating place. One because most of the shops are non-halal (except fast food) and another one, I know the yummy2 shops like Nasi Ayam Chee Meng, but it's far away opposite the roadside and I don't want to sweat that much. We just wandering inside Sg Wang and stumbled with Teppanyanki and I was like, 'Ya Allah ya tuhanku, thank you for ketemukanku with this shop'. Haha I know so drama. Serious lapar giler that time.

Anyway this is the BIGGEST Teppanyanki I ever found. They have rows of island and the picture below is only half of the place.

So big!

The cook

We had sukiyaki, beef teppanyaki set, chicken teppanyaki set and chawanmushi. So tamak ok.

That was like, the most satisfying lunch ever! When you are that hungry, everything tastes double yummilicious than usual hahaha.

Then we just jalan-jalan to lowyat, back to sg wang, then to bb plaza..then back to sg wang haha. Lot of thing has changed throughout the years that I don't get familiar with the shops anymore. The usual IT places (where you can get all the illegal DVD) and the fashionable area still there but there are few big changes like:

This surau. They change it to the utmost top level with cleaner and better place. Not the smelly and 'puddly' area in level 3 (or was it 2? it was in green area btw) anymore. I still remember those days, kalau pegi Sg Wang paling menyampah nak solat la..dengan tempat amik air smayangnya yg lecah..and sila lah bawak telekung sendiri.

And the biggest changes is, they have this clothing heaven at tingkat paling atas skali. There are shop-lots which selling chic clothes, accessories, shoes, clothes again..and most of them are Korean stuff. The price is very affordable but I didn't buy any because most of Korean style kena pakai lapis2 kan, with inner la, cardigan la haha..don't quite suite me yg comot ni. But if you love Korean style, this is the place for you to feast on!

I was a bit frustrated because didn't get to buy anything (what's the point of going out if no shopping kan? haha) but my heart quickly mend itself when I saw this:

Cool Blog!

Oh oh oh I sooooo love love love this bubble drink because it's rich and yummy! I had my first Cool Blog in Carrefour KD but it's closed because not doing so well I guess (what's up with the Carrefour? Mmg takde orang compared to Giant KD) and the other branches are pretty far from my place. Never know that they have one in Sg Wang (and they also have one in Lowyat! I just googled about it, check their website out, it's so cute!

I was so excited that I almost jump, no kidding.

The colourful flavour. Yum!

My all time favourite, bandung pearl! With extra pearl please! I know so Malaysian ok! But it's yummy! The bandung is so creamy and the pearl is so chewy nyam nyam nyam

Oh ya.. I did some shopping but guess what? Not gadgety stuff, or cosmetics, or fancy dress.. I bought craft stuff ok! AGAIN!

We found Daiso when we decided to go back and stucked there for almost one hour! Sigh. Me and Daiso are inseparable.

There was one funny moment when I am scanning randomly at the stationary area looking for rotary cutter and that's when MrComot gave me the blade and said "you want this?". I was like, OMG! How do you know I'm looking for this? He knows that I am obsessed with felt but I never tell him I want the rotary cutter and how on earth he knows the existence of rotary cutter haha. I was laughing like mad and he said, of course he knows, because I am his wife and somehow he has this instinct to pick that stuff for me.

Awwwww..ain't it the sweetest gift ever? See..he doesn't have to buy me diamond ring. I am that easy to please haha.

Last but not least, our pic together!

In Parkson Sg Wang

Ahhh writing this makes me wanna have the time out again, when when when?

It's fun to bring Zahra for outing nowadays because she can walk but things are different when there is only two of you. Less hassle and more holding hands! But we still miss and talk about Zahra, believe it or not, we stopped at FOS kids buying her seluar tido ok haha. Once a parent, always be a parent :)


  1. once a mom always be a mom..i never buy me new clothes for i dunno how many month.But sure is the prince always got a new pair of shirt and short whenever i shop.

    its good to have sweet escape as a couple once a while because refreshed back the relaltionship between us and the hub.hehehe

  2. Salam,

    kekami jarang buat yg the whole day...
    paling kuat pun dia mai opis me, kami lari pi klang bayar roadtax ke, pi bank ke... lunch sama-sama. tu pun dah cukup buat me gedik-gedik kesejukan, eh keseronokan :P

  3. em daiso ada jual felt ke?kt penang br ada daiso..(ke maria je yg br jumpa..hehe)

  4. seronoknye...nak kene bt mcm ann jugaklah, cuti n g tgk wayang dgn hubby!

  5. kak aan..

    next time ikut kitorang p cm..ade "each a cup" buble drinking..yg ni mmg plg top + femes + sedaaaapp + yumm yummmy woo..ive tried cool blog..hmmmmm...each a cup "it just taste better" hehehehe..

  6. Lin, pun kalau keluar mmg tak beli baju sendiri, mcm takde mood. Tapi kalau keluar with single girlfrens, mmg shopping habis la, baru mood dtg :P

    hehe me lunch sama2 hari2 kut..sbb tu rasa biasa *danggg*. Best kan gedik2 sejuk2 tu hahaha

    A'ah kat Daiso ada macam! All craft2 thing, including batting! Cepat pergi serbu :D

    Mommy Fara,
    Tu, tapi kena cari time yg 2-2 tak busy. Kalau sorg busy pun tak best jugak, sambil deting pun sibuk dpt sms huhuhu

    Each a cup tu dah pernah, the tea sedap la. Tapi takde bandung :D

  7. So cute la you guys ni...mcm envy la pulak :)