Friday, March 11, 2011

Cold Icecream on A Rainy Day

This week is full with gloomy days. It rains most of the time, especially early of the morning. I was a bit gloomy (read: lazy) as well where all I want to do is lie and watch some movies, instead of dolling up and go to work.

Had my Friday routine lunch with my girlfriend Shani where we finished the outing with two-scoops of yummy Swensen's icecream.

Chocolate peanut butter for her and thin mint for me!

MrComot doesn't like the mint, he said it tastes like toothpaste! Hah! It's not the same okay!

Anyway the cold treat definitely lift up my spirit, after all it's Friday! Yeay for the weekend! Hehe..

Hope you guys have a good weekend!


  1. Ann, nak tanya tentang sewa viva kat langkawi tu. boleh bagi contact no. tak? sbb harga die sgt cheap la! ke harga kwn2?

    ice-cream mint tu sgt menusuk kalbu. nak gak!

  2. thank you Aandes for the treat!

  3. Mint Ice-cream? Mcm tak sedap jek :P
    - MrPolt

  4. Mommy Fara,
    Memang cheap, sebab off peak time tu. Me tak ingat no contact (not sure ada ke tak, kena selongkar barang2 langkawi hehe, still tak kemas2, kalau ada nnt me bagi u) tapi kalau u pegi, it's the 2nd kaunter from depan skali. Boleh tawar2 or maybe u can mention that I got the price, so kasi gertak sikit :P

    Jgn dengki ok, ramai je sokong mint *wink at Mariahafiz :D*