Thursday, March 31, 2011

Easy Peasy Chicken Stock

Dah lama tak share pasal makanan Zahra.. Her diet is pretty much the same, I just give whatever I have in hands, but her main meal will be soup that we cook every morning. The babysitter will use to soup to mix with her freshly cooked rice in the afternoon. Then I still prepare her fruits puree (apple+pear) for evening snack because she loves this so so so much. She never gets tired of it so far. For dinner I just feed whatever we having on the dinner table, but normally she doesn't eat much because most of the time she is satisfied with milk.

The thing with soup is, we don't have many options because we only have beef and chicken in the fridge. So it always be chicken soup and beef soup. And Zahra doesn't like beef, I don't know why. She will take the soup, not the meat.

Sometimes I made tofu soup as she loves tofu very much. I normally mix it with some chicken to get the chicken broth, but the flavour is not that intense, that's when I decided to make it with chicken stock.

What you need:
Chicken carcass
Any root vegetables - I used potato, carrot, celery
Some peppercorn - I just used raw blackpepper

It depends on the recipe, some call for garlic and herbs like thyme, bay leaves, etc but that doesn't come in handy so, I just throw whatever I have in hands. It's nothing specific really, the main character will be the chicken carcass :D

Dump everything in a big pot. Fill up with lotsa water. If you want to be very specific, you can search for chicken stock recipe and they will guide how many litre for a carcass, but I didn't bother much so I add it to the brim.

Bring it to boil, and let it simmer with slow fire for few hours - 3-4 hours. You may skim the excess fat that is floating whenever you see it. You can simmer it covered on uncovered. Kalau uncovered, air tu akan berkurang. But don't add water from time to time ok, kalau mcm tu tak dpt stock lah. Anyway I simmer it covered because my pot's lid ada small hole to let the hot air come out, so the broth won't spill while it's boiling.

Let the stock cooled and you can pack it into small portion (I used the breastmilk liner, about 4oz each) and keep it in the freezer. It can last like normal food up to 2-3 months. Edited: To store, discard everything, just keep the liquid/soup. I was a bit sayang to throw the carrot and potato, so I gave it to Zahra, but she doesn't really like it, sebab the taste dah hilang kut hehe. Only the fibre.

The stock making is so easy and convenient. You can use the chicken stock in almost everything - instant noodle soup, tom yum base, vegetable soup, etc etc.

I use it for Zahra's tofu soup. Sauteed some sliced garlic, add the chicken stock, add some water if needed, dump cubed soft tofu and done! :D

Anyway, I read somewhere that it's best if you can brown the chicken carcass in the oven before turn it into stock. I tried this step in my second time making the stock, but not much different on the taste. Maybe I didn't brown it long enough.

And the chicken carcass is only RM2 or so in Giant ;)


  1. aan, zahra ada masalah sembelit lagi tak?

  2. Mommy Fara,
    Dah takde..kejap hari tu je. Rasanya a phase je dia nak adjust perut dia. Me takde change anything in the diet. Me nak wait n see, tengok2 dah ok. Oh ya, cuma encourage dia minum air byk as well.

  3. wah leh try nnt..sejak preggy dah lama tak masak kat aqil..loya tekak pening kepala..nnt dah kuat skit leh masak balik kt aqil..

  4. aan,umm chicken stock ni amik yang sup jer kan? yang bahan2 bukan sup tuh aan buat mcm mana?blend ke atau mkn dgn nasik?

    sorry tanya,sbb x penah buat chicken stock,tp mcm best nak try buat jugak.thank you for sharing this recipe.

  5. m@ri@,
    Hehe biasa tu preggy mcm tu. Nanti2 dah ok..perut pulak besar..tak larat nak masuk dapur jugak. It's a chance utk berehat :D

    Ain Alida,
    Alamak sorry lupa mention. Buang yg lain2 tu..amik kuah dia je :D Nnt me edit balik entry tu. Hari tu me sayang the potato and carrot, so me campur dlm bubur zahra, tapi kurang rasa dah la..cuma dapat serat je :P

  6. Aan : paling senang campak dalam slow cooker semuanya lepas tu boleh tido..

  7. Ilot,
    Tu la! Tapi takde slow cooker..hmm kena masuk wishlist ni haha

  8. Aan, u can borrow my slow cooker. only use time ewan dulu. hehhehe

    me dah lama tak masak makanan khas utk eiman kecuali sup dan kuew teow. tu pun cheating :P