Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Zahra at IKEA

Just a random pictures when we went to IKEA last weekend (the sale ends on 20th March so, quick!). We wanted to go on the Friday night but KL was extremely jam with the heavy downpour and Zahra poo-poo pulak, so we had to make a tour to our office after picked her up from the babysitter and by the time we reached KD it's around 9PM, not enough time to do some shopping.

I wanted to buy a set of small table and chair for her as it is on sale (original price was RM49 and goes down to RM29!) but guess what, all SOLD OUT ok!! Ahhhh geramnya haha. I don't know if they are going to restock it, and I don't really have the time to go to IKEA again, but if you do, let me know k! Ala...mesti tau punya, satu kerusi tu je murah hehehe.

Oh ya, we went on Saturday morning, like really morning around 10 AM! Pat my back, can't really imagine we could get off our bed that early on weekend :P The journey was swift, and for the first time we can choose any parking we want but even though it is early morning, you can see people started to swarming in already.

And that's the tip! If you want to crash IKEA without the crowd, go AS EARLY AS YOU CAN. My friend reached there at 930AM ok! And do it on Saturday! Because most people still gotta work in Saturday. Jangan la pegi time lunch, rasa mcm nak muntah.

Zahra on rocking reindeer. I'm so so loving the reindeer and hinting it to MrComot 'bestnya kalau Zahra ada ni' but what he said? 'Knowing her..I don't think she will use it for long, paling lama pun 2-3 hari'. I was like..hmm takde harapan nak beli la. And it's not that cheap either, had to hold myself from wanting it hehe

And so busy-body with other people ok. She heard the girl giggling, and quickly turns her head to look out ish ish ish

Jangan la bawak stroller utk budak baru dapat kaki, tak guna ok. In the end we had to fold the stroller and keep it in the trolley.

Zahra with IKEA's big curry puff

And look at her face. Haha. I forgot what she was doing that time.

Anyway do you notice that she's in full-wear? long sleeve, long pant, shoes.. Haha there is something about it. I have this paranoia that my little one will be too cold and it won't be good for her, like she will senang sakit dada la, senang demam la, etc etc. So she'll always be in full gear if we go out to mall. Ada sometimes je short sleeve blouse, depends on the situation, but long pant tetap wajib. Haha I know it's nonsense because our body can regulate the temp and after all how cold the mall can be right? But yeah..that's me.

And Tatty, the hotdog with the sweet radish sgt sedap. Teringat kat you *evil grin*


  1. Salam,


    dah la azwan tader arini ngan esok....

  2. oh i went to ikea preview sale aritu. lupa nak update :)

    masa tu byk lg barang. tak ramai sbb weekday..

    i beli meja budak ngan coffee table.. sbb murah.. nak beli dining table baru tp hubby tak kasi.. hehehe..

  3. hahahahah....

    tgklah zahra tu, cute tau!

    ouh, tak terkejar la sale tu...rimas, ramai org! huhuhuhu!

  4. ala menci kat ikea..time org kat KL tak mau buat sale..huhu..

  5. Tatty,
    Butang baju melayu dah jumpa ke? hehehe. Weekend ni boleh terjah Ikea :D

    Kalau sale ni mmg kena pegi awal2. Nasib baik me pegi pagi, kalau berebut time lunch mesti hangat hati haha

    Mommy Fara,
    Mmg rimas kalau pegi time biasa. First time me pegi pagi, org dah ramai, tapi boleh bernafas la hehe

    Ikea ni mmg jarang sale. Kalau sale pun bukan semua. Next time sale je, baru dtg KL hehe