Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The 14-months tantrum-er

Zahra is 14 months already!

Nothing much on the progress or home-education (again, because I am lazy like that hehe). No flash card or whatever, I just let her roam around and entertain her when she's playing with whatever she wants to play. Only one thing that I notice, she's so into books. She loves every book I opened and still adore the Poppy Cat series. Whenever I said, 'Zahraa..mana poppy cat? Pegi amik poppy cat', she will go to her treasure box and take out the books.

Oh yeah, talking about that, she understands simple instruction but because I rarely instruct or have routine, so it's nothing much. Few things that she clearly understand:

1) take shoes / take off shoes
2) buka seluar (whenever I want to bath or wash her)
3) sit down
4) salam (she will take the hands and kiss)
5) mwahhh (she will lean forward and put her face to our cheek)
6) bring the flower to her nose and make sniffing face (with wrinkled nose) when I say 'bau flower'

She still can't say mommy or daddy and her favourite word is NAK! (want) whenever she wants something. She will say nak with firm and confident tone and point towards the stuff. Other word is cat and bird with no pelat! Hehe I'm so surprised ok. I mean, it's like cat, with T. Maybe it's normal but tak sangka pulak.

On her diet, I still make her soups everyday (MrComot cook it actually, every morning! haha, because he said, let me rest, I am breastfeeding her during the night) and her babysitter will add it with her freshly cooked rice. But her lunch it's kinda boring, chicken soup, tofu soup, and beef soup. I tried to egg soup but she still can't take the egg white totally, sikit2 boleh la..few pink dots will come out after that, but I don't want to risk it yet.

She still on breastmilk 100% and oh ya, she starts drinking back! Yeay Alhamdulillah. Only that she doesn't want the bottle and I tried to give her with straw, like this:

Haha. Macam-macam lah ini budak. I took the straw from the box drink and let her suck it. Maybe she feels like an adult to get to drink like that. So I bought her the Pureen cup with straw for her milk but it doesn't work like the box straw, sometimes she drinks it, sometimes she doesn't want. Sometimes she finished 6 oz in a day, sometimes only 2 oz. But better lah because it won't spill so, easier for her babysitter to manage. And I'm not that worried anymore because she still get her milk during night.

Oh ya I stop pumping for a while because I am not feeling so well but the stock is there and can last for about 2-3 months (if I keep on giving her 6 oz per day), so yeah, will wait and see. Maybe I'll start pumping again later.

The only big change in her when she turns 14months is, she knows how to limping her body! I don't know where she learnt this trick but she started to lembikkan her badan whenever she frustrates over something or didn't get what she wants.

But I didn't give in her way. I will hold her loosely and follow the limping style and left her there until she bounce back to normal.

Ni Zahra lembikkan her body, so I just jatuhkan dia at the floor, and she mengamuk because I didn't layan her haha. She wanted to go out that time and it was raining so I didn't let her.

And her another new-found ability. Stay limping there doing nothing for few good minutes.

Haishhh boleh tahan degil tau budak ni. After a while she will rise back on her own and act like normal :P

Other than that, I will say she is an easy baby. Mommy hope you are developing well and stay healthy ok?

PS: There were 2 recent accident where Zahra fall flat on her back and her head knocked the floor. It was my mistake because I was reckless and I feel very bad about it. Anyway, I hope there is nothing unfortunate come out of it. Please pray for Zahra's wellness too ya. Thanks darlings :*


  1. hehehehhe...
    kena sabaq noooo.... eiman plak suka jerit, nangis then pukul byk kali. kuat plak tu.
    me pegang muka dia then cakap NO NO NO! tak elok pukul orang...

    ada dia kesah? tidaaaak!

  2. pandai ngamuk ye..

    dia panggil u n hubby apa then?

    maryam suka pangil me n hafiz MAAAA!!! or PAAAAAA!
    maybe easier just like saying NAAKKKK!

  3. hehehehe....amboi, peel die mcm tu eh? saya tak merasa lagi. aydin lom smpi masa mengamuk sbb tak dpt sumting...kene always get ready! anak...anak! heheheh....

  4. em aqil pulak skrg suka gigit puting susu..aduih..br beli puting susu seminggu dah putus..hhuuhu..

  5. Tatty,
    Me pun mengamalkan the NO NO NO! Tapi mmg tak berkesan ok!! So me tak sure dia faham ke tak, or sengaja? hahaha

    Me pun tatau dia panggil kitaorg apa. Ke dia tak panggil apa2? Hmm sbb so far tak dengar lagi the common word dia sebut if she wants me or her daddy, she will just come and peluk and nak nak nak haha

    Mommy Fara,
    Budak2 ni mmg funny. Kita wait n see Aydin punya tantrum macam mana :P

    Ouch! Kuatnya dia gigit! Nasib baik it's not the 'original puting' hahaha.