Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wedding in Terengganu

Hi babes!! How are you? Hope everybody is doing well.

So I guess it's the time for me to update about the wedding in Terengganu ;)

As I said before, I have ZERO idea on how it's going to be for the wedding. Anyhow, it turned out simple and nice and easy exactly like what I want (oh ya, minus the basuh pinggan of course).

They are soooo many interesting things I want to share with you all, but one by one ok. So this entry will be very general one.

Let pictures do the talking hehe

On 24th. Preparing the seats, canopy etc.

All the food self-cooked. Haha not by me all the relatives. They refused to take caterer, so suka hati la..janji sedap :P

Part of the menu - ikan percik (without the percik yet). MrComot cakap sedapppp!! My auntie (CheDa) made this.

Food food food

Menu of the day was ayam masak merah, gulai daging, ikan percik, udang harimau goreng kunyit with tomato, sayur campur goreng, sambal belacan. Over okkk. Anyway later of the day I was informed that the food is not enough. They have to cook once again for the evening session. Gahhhhhh~~~

The village crowd

Families, before food is served.

The ladies. All from MrComot's side.

Eating time. Sempoi kannn. Semua duduk bersila je including in-laws :P

From MrComot's mom side. Very multi-cultural. Baru lepas satu generasi, how the 2nd generation will looks like eh? Mesti comeiiii --> my Toksu said that okkk. Whatever :P


The backbone of the wedding

Another kitchen master

Us, being cheeeezyyy :P

Cheeky kids! They are my cousins :D

MrComot replying emails! Boleh tak? Cuti macam tak cuti ish ish ish.

Overall, it was a satisfying event, thanks to my mom. Oh ya, lupa nak say thanks to her (baddd daughter). Anyway the reason why I didn't update with all the stories because we were sooo tired and sleep like a baby once we hit the bed.

The only thing that I don't like about masak-sendiri punya kenduri is, the dishes!! All left to me okkkk. Ok, not to me literally, but to my family lah. But of course the end I'll do it because everybody has done lots and wayyy tired than me, so it's a bit unfair to leave everything to them.

This what will u get if you don't use catering services.

Part of the cleaned dishes. I think about 10 trips of these.

Thanks to my younger sisters who helped me with the cleaning without any complaint, tak sangka you guys have grown up and be a gooooood girl. Haha if you know what I mean.

That will be an overal story of the reception. Will entertain you guys later ok? Mwahhhhhhhh

Me and MrComot, under the rambutan's tree ;)


  1. sangat simple korang neh :)

    simple but sweet.
    itu yg unik.
    bravo-lah korang!

  2. KL punya wont be penat la. You get to enjoy it better hehe

    Along, kebetulan both families mmg simple too. Best jugak kalau kita buat proper2 sket, but tu la..kitaorg tak tahan pening2 so just let it be the way we are la hehe

  3. me dah dpt ur invite!!!
    :) thanks, insya Allah sume sihat, kami dtg ye..

    gambar beromantikan itu membuatkan saya teringat zaman2 mula kahwen dulu.. sukanya pakai baju putih..