Monday, October 6, 2008

Eidulfitri 1429

Hi all!!

How was your raya? Hahaha tanya again.

Btw, as I said before, mine was a TIRING one!!!

Just imagine, on Saturday I drove from KL-Perak = 3 1/2 hours
The next day early in the morning drove from Perak-Tganu = freaking 7 hours!


Then back Tganu-Perak = another insanely 9 hours!

Can't pitam anymore.

This is my 1st time driving all the wayyy all by myself *patting at my back*
Last year my bro drove us but this year he already works in Kerteh, so he will go to Besut straight from there.

Below is some piccies taken during raya. And can you believe that my hands were off from internet for the whole one week. Talking about running away from civilization heh. So many things to do and to see in kampung *sweat*. Can't wait to bring MrComot here hihihihihi

Uncle setting the lip-lap lights.

During the night.

My grandma's house is very the kampung2 type. Standing tall with 100% wood and zinc roof. It will be very hot under the blaring afternoon sun (all the rambutan trees seriously not helping) but the cold is killing me during the night. The fan is dead and still you have to hide yourself under the thick blanket.

My grandma still use the water from the well they digged years ago, only it is more efficient now, with the electric generator that will pump the water to pipes. Those days, we have to take turn and use pail with rope running up and down using tuil (what is it in english?). Classic.

And no heater as well, until now. I always take my bath 9am and above :P

Another awaited moment --> BUNGA APIIII!!!!!

A bucket for the 1st night. We played 3 nights in a row :D

The kiddos with their sparkles

Since the celebration involved small kids, we don't play hardcore type. Just simple2 one like mercun telur naga, mercun pop, mercun roket, etc. The best one that night would be the one that can shoot 15 times and goes up about 3-4 meters. Piuuuuuuuuuuuuu POOOMMMM!! Piuuuuuuuu POOOMMMM!

I forgot the exact name btw ;(

It's getting more excited when we can hear the neighbour shooting back with their louder and longer pitch of crackers. The thing is, the houses is not something like in the city, near to each other. Everybody is like 500m radius and covered with giant trees. So it's like battle in the dark when you fight with the hearing, yet can't spot the beautiful lights.

The next day, I spotted this sheep munching on the grass next to my mom's house.

See the fur. Not even close to the white fluffy sheep that you count before fall asleep. My dad said it is because of our hot weather and nobody wants to comb her wool. After all, I think the kampung people just want her tender meat, not the fiber ;)

And I encountered with something interesting at my other grandma's house. Her cat eats DURIAN!!!

1st round

I want more!!

I know that some of other cats also eat durian, so apa yg best sangat kan? But seeing is believing. She ate like nobody business okkkk! And finished 3 ulas!! Durian emas somemore!! Lucky her. I don't know how lucky is that as according to everybody around me,

"Rugi tak makan durian ni. Durian mas ni. Rare."

Yeah, I don't eat durian.

Lame. Pathetic.

Uwaahhhhhhh whatever. I don't eat not because of its smell. I don't eat just because I don't. In fact, I never finish even 1 ulas for the whole of my life. Is it really that nice? Hmmmm...

By the way, how was your raya? Got lots angpow?

Oh ya..talking about it, I only received RM20 for this raya *nanges*

Ughhh hate to be grown up whenever it comes to collecting raya angpow :P


  1. jauhnye dia drive.. x lg penah drive long distance mcm tu.. hubby / abah sis selalu cakap nak suruh drive tp last2 derang x bg pun.. kita lak x sabar nak memecut ;)

    aan x mam durian ke?
    sis dulu leh la makan, tp bukan fave. tp skrg dah x leh makan la pulak.. ntah xtau la nape.. kalau org pelawa mkn satu je pun dah cukup..

    dah kawen ada anak ni lagi la, xde org nak bg duit raya tau, bg anak je.. sis cuma dpt duit raya dari aunties, uncles je la..n my abah.

  2. oiii..tanya me psl tuil semata2 sbb nak update blog???? mental nyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! *pukul andes*

    anyway, lamanye tak main mercun. sobs.

  3. lalink..
    kite memang leh geng..
    me pun dari lahir tak pernah makan durian. pernah cuba, tapi asal tiba depan mulut je terus takleh buka mulut.
    bukan sbb the bau kan..tapi mmg tade hati nk makan.
    semua org ckp rugi laa, berlagak mcm mat saleh nak buek mcm ne..dah tak nak.Sukati laa...lalalala

  4. siapa kata durian sedap?
    siapa kata x makan durian mcm mat saleh?
    siapa yang kata x makan durian rugi?

    betul la tu...
    mmg rugi....
    oooooooo....epal,oren,DURIAN belanda korang makan =p

    tp buahan tempatan tak makan ek

    yeah.dapat duit raya lagi..yeah!!!!

  5. Tak aci Aleeya still dapat duit raya frm aunties/uncles!! My uncle semua kedekut okkkk (haha keji nya anak sedara). Long distance drive mmg meletihkan @_@

    Bee, hehehe penting tauuuuu untuk entry me :P btw, how come u don't know what is tuil? Apa motif jadi kuil? ekekeke. Me buat poll nak, look how many yg tahu/tak tahu :P

    Lalinkkkk kita mmg GENGGG!! Over okk org yg cakap kita mat saleh ke apa ke. Dah tak makan sbb tanak makan bukan sbb eksyen kann. Kalau org tu tak makan sayur, ok la pulak. Tak ke lagi pelik tu :P

    Zul, durian belanda lainnnnn!!! Baling kulit durian nak? Eh..bawak duit raya tau nnt :P