Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Poor Little Tounge

Yesterday, I went to one dental clinic in Kelana Jaya to do scaling, as I'm going to grin a lot tomorrow kan..haha. Anyway, it has been a year pun since the last time I cleaned my teeth.

My regular place will be Klinik Gigi Meor in Setiawangsa. The young doctor is fairly handsome and friendly. He will check your teeth throughly and the place is a freak neat. The thing is, I already moved to Kota Damansara since Raya so I just have to pick any clinic nearby. Time is luxury and very crucial now.

The scaling went smoothly til a few seconds towards the end, the doctor CUT MY TOUNGE OKKKKKK!!

And darah banyak gila!! I mean like, seriously! The nurse had to stuff lots cotton ball and the doctor quickly put some gel to stop the bleeding. Instead of angry, I was feeling kinda sad so my tears rolled down the cheeks while my mouth wide open and the doctor with the nurse still doing something to it. I tried to calm down myself saying in my head "Relax, sikit jee.."

And then suddenly the doctor said to the nurse,

"Gimme the suction"

When that thing was in my mouth, I can see LOTS blood running up through the clear tube. You know, like you are slurping watermelon juice with your straw. That very time my tears burst out and siap teresak-esak okkk, while my mouth opened of course.

The thing is, the doctor didn't even console me or let alone to apologize. Instead he kept on saying "It's towards the end already and you move your tounge"

I was like, helooooooooooooo??!?! Lagi lah aku nanges kan?

And he didn't bother that I'm crying out loud ok.

Ok lah..I know it was an accident, but how for me to know that I shouldn't move that time, and even if I know not to move, I can't really tell my tounge moving or not as lots of thing my mouth okkkk!

If the step he's taking is dangerous, he as the doctor has to advise me "Ok sit still" or "Ok, I'm going to do the down, so don't move" and he HAS to take as many precaution as he can like put something or press the round-mirror-blade-thing (I have no idea what is its name, but it is used to see hard-to-reach place) onto my tounge to avoid any accindetally cut. Ok, I am no a doctor so I don't really know what is the precaution but whatever it is, how can YOU PUT ALL THE BLAMES ON ME?

Very unprofessional.

What if a kid is involved, will you still point him and said, YOU ARE WRONG, WHY MOVE?. Gila ok!

During the whole procedure he didn't utter a word to me, when he wants me to move to the right, he will just push using his hand from my mouth. Gila okkkk!! This remind me of Doctor Meor, he is sooo gentle and will always say, "Ok kanan sikit", "Ok jangan gerak", etc etc *sob sob*

The cut healed already and so the bleeding (of course la, kalau tak mesti I died of blood loss already by now :P). Btw, I want to put my ultimate-gross-mouth here. Please proceed to close the page if you can't stand any buruk picture hihihi

The cut is in the square red box. I hurts me till now. I still can't eat properly as it will gimme mouth-ache. And I'm HUNGWYYYYY *sobs*

The cut is on the left side. To add salt into the wound, I get a big round freaking ulcer on my right under lips. What a prefect combo ish ish ish.

Now, my eating problem has become real serious.

The ulcer ;(

By the way, I won't be able to update my blog starting from tomorrow, till..I'm not sure when yet. The new house already applied for Streamyx but according to TM, no port available yet so maybe I just be a good wife and spend the whole day cuddling ;)

If we have extra time, I will try to update via dial-up (cehhhh mcm gigih sangat :P) or maybe we will come to the in-laws to use the internet (talking about taking advantage lalala)

Oh ya, I'm updating from in-laws-to-be now, hehehe.

Ok peeps, see you later. Mwahhhhhhh

Ps: The shoes still not ready!!


  1. kakak ku sayang..
    u nak me prepare notis tuntutan ganti rugi or saman je terus?
    medical negligence ni..
    leh sue nii..*mati la jadi batu api*

    berani doktor tu mengapa-apakan u?
    dia tak tak ke yg u tu andes the vampire slayer?? iskhh..kalau me laa kan, me dah jadi kerry the dentist slayer?? "hah..pesal ko potong2 lidah aku?? dh lame idupp??"

    actelli doktor pun ade kena masuk kelas psikologi & kaunseling if i'm not mistaken. in order to let them know how to treat patient nicely. ye laa kan, org tgh sakit2 ada cara nak layan. kot salah cara, makian yang caca merba akan dihamburkan. hmmm..let me make dis conclusion, doctor tu tak masuk kelas psikologi yg dimaksudkan itu masa kat medic's school dulu. malas nye doctor gigi~

  2. ish ish ish.....tak nampak luka nampak gigi tu..ish ish ish :P

  3. Me dah la sememangnya takot dgn dentist, jadi me baca post ni dgn penuh kesakitan...

    Kasihan andes, kalau me surely dah pitam x_x

  4. ya allah, agak dlm gak dat cut.
    and no word of apology at all?

    gile ah.

    so sorry for u.
    harap cepat sembuh ye?

    along kalo sakit gigi camne pun akan gigih balik seremban, to the only dentist i knew sejak kecik.
    sanggup tahan sakit dr pegi dentist lain.

    sabar ye?
    makan bubur, makan ubat, get well soon!!

  5. dont go to there anymore! bad dentist! bad service!

    kalau me, dlm melalak2 tu jugak me maki then saman him okeh *wahhh..mcm berani je* tell me which clinic is that? lets tell everybody not to go there.

    so, cacat la ni? syian andes. make sure u can still smile esok okeh :P

  6. omigod!!! takpe takpe, tak nampak kat luar kan ;)

    anyway, my orto cut my tongue on my first visit. fyi, siap ada jahitan okkkkk, aku leh nampak dia jahit lidah aku ngan jarum bengkok cam kail. aku rasa macam nak tolak semua peralatan kat situ dan mengamok. but i didnt (of course la aku tak sekeji itewww) sebabnya dia minta maaf letak vinegar segala.

    kalo tak, aku nak cakap, my former dentist did a better job than this. calarkan ego dia yang tanak mintak mahap tu..

  7. oh tidak!

    takmo tgk gambar! baca pun seram!

  8. aisay...
    ini malam aan tak bleh nak french kissing la...
    boleh tapi tak bleh ganas sgt...

    *me and my dirty brain

  9. Lalink, me nak je saman doc tu, tapi malas okkk nak tgk muka dia again. Anyway yup, I think he skipped that class sbb before this MrComot penah citer ada budak kecik went to see the doc then budak tu nanges kuat gila sbb so scared seeing all the machines etc and the doc waited for an hour, last2 tak jadi jugak service that kid sbb budak tu tanak jugak2. So nampak sangat dia tak pandai saiko and pujuk org.

    Zul, I knoooowwww gigi tu hitam buruk okkk [-(

    Shani, confirm u pitam tgk darah sendiri :P

  10. Thanks along. Kalau dah ada fav doc tu, tak payah tukar2 kan. Haa..pasni mesti gigih cari doc meor balik :P

    Bee, mmg BADDDD service okkkk. Haippphhhhh

    Yan, urs definitely scarier okkk. Siap jahit bagai ish ish. Nak calarkan ego tak berani, nnt dia jadi gila pegi letak scaling tu kat muka, tak pasal2 hehe

    Leeds, jgn baca hehe. Kesimpulannya rajib2 la brush teeth so tak payah jumpa doc gigi kan :p

    Tatty, sempat lega ni. French kiss lepas!! :P