Monday, October 20, 2008

The Wedding Card ;)

Before the wedding preparation punya flame is about to go off, I decided to write about our wedding card.

Facts of the day, do you know that we made our own invitation cards? Eh..or should it be, we made the cards ourselves? Haa..the later la, ayat first tu mcm over kan? :P

And we made it from scratch okkkkk!!! Not as in designing only (BIG NAHHH hands to you haha).

It was a spontaneous idea came from both of us. We've surveyed some shops and couldn't find THE card so we said, 'Jom lah buat sendiri'.

Since we have no other critical preparation to bother with such as hantaran, bunga telur, pelamin, etc etc so we see it as a possible adventure ;)

We planned the design, bought papers, ribbons, envelope (at 1st I planned to do the envelope by myself, gila ok, mcm lah sempat kalau banyak2), map, etc etc all together. It was an interesting experience and tiresome! This is our very first cards project so we have no idea on how much we need the paper, the ribbon bla bla. And tiba2 the envelope tak cukup as only one place sells that kind of paper (that explain why some of you got baby blue, dark blue or pink envelope haha).

We use Canon Selphy to print all the pictures. I bought the printer about 3 years ago and once I had intention to sell it on ebay as I don't see the potential of continuing using this printer but hah, berguna jugak akhirnya :P

Printing the solemn invitation card

Then we have to do the template to print the wording at the back of the photo. The laser printer can't print postcard size as the paper wont go out after printing, so we have to paste it on an A4 paper, cheating the printer.

Doing the template

Done for the cover. Then we do the map. Ohhh kawan-kawan, cantik kan map tu? I use Microsoft Word only okkk (cepat tabik spring). But most of the friends said the map is useless hahaha. Sorryyyyyyy, I thot it is good enough. Takpe..janji dah jumpa the jalan kan :P

The map printed on A4 tracing paper, then I have to cut it into the card's size. Then paste it onto the card, then punch holes, then...

Tie ribbon!!!

Haaa..done pun. Penat okkk!

The tri-color envelopes :P
I wanted one color only but can't be helped la, no stock ;(

This is the final outcome. It is exactly with my last entry on 10/10.

We like the card very much but making about 300 of them is really a HUGE responsibility. I mean, masa buat 20 keping tu mmg la excited but half of the way, dah sakit pinggang and all, almost give-up ok.

And it is no fun anymore hehe.

So what do you think? Is it andes-being-rajin or andes-being-stupid? :P

Btw, we also do the reception card, exactly the same idea only with different picture for the front and different wording at the back.

The card yet to be revealed. I'll post it up on 1/11 ;)


  1. gigih nyer hg annnn....bagus2..kad kawen aku nanti tolong design skali bley????hahahaha

  2. Andes being andes la..

    Selalu degil nak buat sendiri :p

  3. macik, when i first saw ur tangan-love card tu, the first thing i cakap adalah, cantikkkkknya.

    itu adalah feveret ;)

  4. Aww, that was so schweeet :D

  5. Wah.. tak sangka it's really hand made! Thought u only design it. Even the map sendirik? Wah.. impressive!

    Okie, sorry abt the map being useless BUT.. the cards(both the solemn n reception) are really pretty! One in a million! Serius, x penah lagik jumpa kad kawin gitu.

    So, aku bley tempah kad kawin kat ko la ek lepas nih? :P

  6. it's pretty and it is hand made.gila cantik ahh.

  7. bestnye design sendiri, puas ati!
    utk me ada ke?

  8. ala sekali je seumur idup kena buat..lepas ni takde dah...heheh..tetau le kalu aan nak buatkan utk kita? or nak buka biz baru kan? hahahah

    *me yg tak dpt kad..tapi heboh canang satu kg nak g kenduri aan..hahaha*

  9. aan being so excited about her wedding oh yes she is :)

    along nak satu!
    in pink karer envelope!!

  10. pergh...superb!!
    sangat mengkagumkan la usaha puan hanani & encil elias ini
    *clap* *clap* *clap*

    me teruja ok dengan ketanganan yang kecantikan itu
    hah..address dah bagi
    untuk resepsi tu nanti wat tantek2 tau..
    mane tau me pun nak wat sendiri...lalalalaa..

  11. Mielia, bolehhhhhh. Kena bitau awai2 sbb kami tak pro hehe

    Shani, u belum tgk kasut me, even tho sebelah je hehe. Well, u know me :D

    Yan, tu la..the solemn is most favourite and kesian siapa yg dpt for reception je sbb tak secantik akad kan. But what to do hehe, kitaorg ting tong

    Asroll, thanks darling ;D

  12. Fiena, don't be! Not only u yg cakap useless, ada few more lagi sesat hahahaha. Haaa.. dah ada bisnes ni haha. Harga kawan2 murahhhh punya *gigih*

    Thanks Angah. U pun can do, simple je..cuma hassle hehe

    Aleeya, untuk u ada!! Me dah simpan asing2 tapi me tak post lagi. Aaaa in fact kat semua org yg perlu di post me tak post lagi *matila*. Haa..talking about this, me terlupa la nak mintak ur add. Me ada training cant online ym, email me ur add eh -

    Cool yang comot!! Nak majuk la tu! Ur card ada laaaa!! Siap ngan utk guy lagi. Masalahnya me pemalas nak hantar hahaha. Me dah plan smalam nak send tonite at ur house. Nnt me call tgk mlm ni u ada rumah ke tak ok?

  13. Along, read email!! Hahaha
    ps: karer kena korek balik tgk ada ke tak, smalam mcm ada biru je :P

    Lalink, banyak laaa u nak buat sendiri. U mesti busy nak buat bunga telur la apa la hahaha. Anyway me dah tulis alamat semua, but as what I said, tak post2. Gila busy/malas. Me will post to semua org esok :P