Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Panggilan Pulau

Hye guys. Tiba2 mcm rajin nak update pulak.

How was your CNY? Did u guys get any angpow? I got..hmmm...let me see....nannndeyyyy, ilekkk ;(

And I didn't get the chance to see the lion dance this year. Soooo sad :(

Ok ok..mcm MPD pulak. Actually I wanna write about my trip to Pangkor wooohoooo!

It was a one-day trip on the 3rd day of lunar new year and unplanned. I just bring a red batik saprah (the one we use as table cloth) as a base for us to lie down on the beach, few sardine currypuffs (prepared by mom), mandarin oranges and prayer cloth.

The timing was not really good. With CNY and school holiday, people were swarming in and out of Pangkor. We have to park our car really far from the jetty with RM5 for half day.

The parking place. Giler jauh and we can't even see our car from here.

See the looooonnngg queue.

It was really hot but windy. Thank God. Else someone might throwing tantrums. It costs us RM10 each for a return ticket. We arrived Pangkor around 2 pm. The first thing greeted us was the cars and bikes for rent. We asked few taukeh but they are a real blood-sucker! The car is RM30 per hour, RM100 per day. Bike is RM15 per hour and RM50 per day. Don't you think it's quite insane? When I complaint, they said it is because the CNY. Oh my goodness.

I asked the taukeh about the taxi price, he said the same too, around RM30-RM60. Since none of us want to ride the bike (because the sun is grilling us) we almost settled for a car, but we decided to ask the taxi driver himself about their price and guess what, they just charge us RM10 per 2 person to Teluk Nipah. The price is vary, depending on the location but it isn't that expensive. Giler menipu the car taukeh.

After that we quickly grabbed mineral water as the heat is killing us and surprisingly it is real cheap! I mean no extra charges for an island! The 500ml Cactus mineral water (not drinking water ok!) is only RM1 and for 1.5l sold at RM2. No cheat! Ahhh I love Pangkor.

Since we are out of time and not very familiar with Pangkor, round island is not an option. We straightly went to Teluk Nipah.

There are other good places for you to go as well like Teluk Kemang but the taxi driver suggest Teluk Nipah. Maybe next time we will rent a car for a day to explore the island.

Teluk Nipah is so-so beach. I don't really like the sand. It's not too halus as you still can feel the small stone under you feet. And it's brownish, but the water is clean and clear. The beach was full of people and it turned me off to enjoy it. So we ride a boat for island hop. It cost us RM40 (pergi balik) but I think it's quite expensive as you can get it for RM30 or lower! So do survey before jump it right away on the first offer.

The boat will bring you to 4 islands and you get to pick which island you want to stay and they will pick you up later. The water is soooo clear and from the boat you can see the lintah laut (soooooo big and hairy! scary okay), landak laut, fishes, etc.

The sea from the boat. Sooo green and blue.

The 1st island is quite scary because no one there (I don't remember the name), so we passed. The 2nd one is quite okay but specially for snorkelling (I don't remember the name as well *sigh*). Since we didn't bring our swimsuit, we passed. Btw, you can just rent the goggles for RM5 and enjoy it freely. You can even bring your own goggles with no extra charge for the diving. Cheap isn't it?

The 3rd one is Coral Island. Is okay too but too many people as well. Most of them are kayaking. So we opt for the 4th island, Telok Man. It's a bit small and less than 10 people were there when we arrived.

Telok Man.

Telok Man is really nice. The sand is soooo soft and white, like flour. The water is clean too! Time tu menyesal giler sbb tak bawak baju mandi okay. Ughhhhhh. Frustrated sgt. Anyway, that didn't stop us to play with the water. Basah suar je :D

The view from our port

The people who shared the island with us

The other side

Drying my pant. I was wearing the red saprah at this moment. Terpaksa ;P

Back at teluk nipah. It was already late evening and not so many people like in the afternoon.

Drying my pant again. We were lying on the sand this time. The weather was wonderful. Breezy and cool. Perfect time for you to sleep or reading a book under tree.

It was dawn when we finally arrived Jetty Lumut. We took some crazy pictures with the decoration and stuffs.

Pijak sharkkkk!

Overall it's a great trip! Minus not able to swim. I will definitely come again and bring my swimsuit. Can I wear the small two-pieces? *evil grin*

I heard that Pangkor Laut is wayyyyyy better than Pulau Pangkor. They have more corals and fishes and nicer beach. Of course it is giler giler mahal. You can't even step on the island if you don't check-in the hotel. And you don't have to queue like usual to go to the island. There will be speed-boat provided by the hotel. The hotel must be thousands per night. Maybe one day I can set my foot on Pangkor Laut.

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  1. now when was my last time on the island..Feb 2005..rite after tsunami mishap. i see the island havent changed that much but the crowd then was barely any. such a bliss to have whole beach to yourself. we stayed at Teluk Nipah, friendly place and cheap since no way we can afford Pangkor Laut. thats a place to die for la kan.

    Anyways, u up for penang trip together?

  2. Hey busuk, when the Penang trip will be? Me still up to it if the timing is good :D

    ps: We gotta get to Pangkor Laut no matter what la lalink. Maybe we can pow you Megat mwahahahaha

  3. Great!!
    Yan & i planning to drive up this march, most prolly on the 20th since it's public holiday. Apply 1 day leave on Friday and voila! LONG WEEKEND!!! cukup la nk makan hameedia splo round kan :P

  4. hi a'an, jom jom jom gerak penang ;)

  5. Ell,
    You shud go too tau! Bring ur mr workaholic tu :p