Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The New Subang Parade

Hye folks. Office I dah ada air mwahaha. Lega.

I went to Subang Parade to see how it has been after the renovation. The renovation completed long time ago but I don't just have the right time to go.

Overall, I like the new SP. It's super clean, not too crowded and full of affordable boutique so make me comfortable walking, even not shopping. I don't know how about you guys, but I feel a bit, uncomfortable when go shopping at Pavillion. It's sooo big and lavish and some kind like of out of reach. Maybe you guys ok je. But I prefer something cheaper than LV, Gucci etc. The real thing is I couldn't afford them pun but nevermind lah kan.

I am not really familiar with what's inside SP previously but now they have Sommerset Bay boutique (which normally you can only find in Metrojaya), Giordano, East India Company, etc. The food chain also interesting. The fastfood is basically the same with other mall but the most important, they have these two RARE restaurant - Dave Deli and Swensen.

Susah giler nak cari Dave Deli and Swensen okay.

The last time I had my the best lasagna ever was in Dave Deli Jusco Wangsa Maju. But it is closed already, I wonder why. I definitely will try this DD, mana lah tahu tiba2 tak sedap pulak kan.

Since we feel like eating icecream that day (it was I who wanted to eat icecream, giler kuasa kan), we settled for Swensen and it was scrummpppptiiouuusssss!! I never eat any mint icecream before and I like it to the bits! We wanted to try the pan-fried icecream but we are too full that we have to rain-check it. Rugi okay.

I ordered their all-time favourite Shrimp Salad, konon2 nak diet but the salad is giler besar okkk! They serve it with this thick yellow mango dressing. I was sceptical at first, mesti tak sedap kan but it is SEDAPPPP GILER okay. Serious sedap. While eating, terus semangat nak find the sauce recipe and trying to make it but oh la..knowing me lah kan..tak buat2 pun hehehe.

Shrimp Salad with mango dressing. I poured all the sauce. Shedap giler!

See how big it is. Compared to my hand. The bowl is quite deep. It is a mix of cold shrimp, leaves, pineapple, longan, peach and berry. Yummy!

Mr Comot had this. Salsa burger or something. It was okay.

The merrymint!!! And it is merry yummy!!

Oh ya..before the dinner, we went to Parkson and I soooooo want thiiisss!

The soup bowl. It is porcelain. Boleh letak bubur cha-cha. Uwaa comel nya!

The tea set. Sooo cantik.

Don't you think they are lovely? If only I'm staying in my own house, harusss ku beli kan. Now since I am single, the set is not pretty much a use. Remind me I want to get this once I'm married. Every weekend wajib lah buat green tea, having a splendid evening sipping the hot tea from that gorgeous red cup. Kalau rajin boleh buat sushi skali kan.. (macam lah pandai pun).

Anyway folks, I got a present yeay! Esok lah update because I want to snap some pics of it first.

Ok daaaaa


  1. andes mkn swensen.... x ajak dil pn!

  2. Alaaaa Dil... asyikk majuk je. Sedih tau ;(

    Nnt kita makan sesama ehh.. Dil la..asyik bz pegi Spore je :P