Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fish-eyes in a box

Mr Comot was craving for Burger King, so we decided to grab it from the Bangsar outlet. Parking is not an easy task there so we parked at the food court (in front of the mosque) and strolling the way to Jalan Telawi.

It came to our surprised when we see the BK spot is closed down - for good. Hmm sejak bila BK kat Bangsar tutup eh?

Anyway, we saw this on the way back to our parking place - The Canadian Pizza. We never have this pizza so we decided to give it a try.

You will never missed this bright yellow board.

To tell you the truth, the place is a lil bit suspicious. The only level one eating space on that street. Yang lain2 semua at ground floor.

Hmmm..are we really climbing this?

There is only a small glass door and it is locked. We had to ring the bell to get in. Seems like we are the ONLY customer that night, for dining in. Their delivery is doing okay I guess, based on the staff running up and down with the hot-pack bag.

We were ushered to a small room and nasib baik tak pitam ok. The room is very small that I wonder, are they really open for dine in?

There are only 2 tables in that room!

I'm not a pizza person so we order the set for 2 pax (medium pizza+coke+garlic bread) and I wanted to add-on the chicken wings. The waiter suggest us to take the larger set (LARGE pizza+coke+garlic bread+chicken wings - this one for 3-4 pax) as we are going to pay about the same amount. I hesitate at first thinking who going to finish up the pizza but since Mr Comot said we can tapau if tak habis, I said okaylah.

I don't know if it was me who are really hungry or the pizza is relatively good but we finished the whole 3-4 pax set okay. Giler melantak. And I had equally the same amount pizza pieces with Mr Comot. Hehehe a big eater I am.

Buy 1 free 1?

The Hawaian Chicken. I like the dough. Like a soft bread.

The chicken wings and bread. All gone.

Makan. Borak. Makan. Borak. Makan. Borak. Pandang kiri kanan and guess what we spotted?

Fish-eye! Not only one, but TWO!!

The first fisheye that we spotted.

Another one.

Hmmm I wonder why they need TWO cctv in a SMALL room. Maybe they have something valuable stored in the room (well, I just can see 2 tables with 9 chairs).

Maybe it's not even working, but it is interesting don't you think so?


  1. lalink,
    bangsar ada BK? sejak bila? tak penah nampak pun.

    me craving pizza for couple of days dah. see2 u yg makan dulu..tak aci!!! n'way, the place looks like an empty hospital waiting room.

  2. Sure got la lalink. Dekat lorong yg ada 7E tu. BTW, I couldnt find the Dockers outlet there. Sure ada ke yang?

    You buat lah pizza sendiri, ajak Megat dtg makan, masak sama2. Soooo romantic and comel gituuu :P