Friday, February 29, 2008

The Old Flames

You guys pernah baca Pedang Setiawan or Alam Perwira tak?

It was such a hit la during my secondary school esp for the boys. The girls drooling over Remaja je (so yucky la pulak thinking of it haha). Anyway since all the guys busy flipping this Pedang Setiawan, Alam Perwira, Jengking Merah, etc, some of the girls wanna show their machoness as well, so bacalah jugak. I don't know if it is true, but I used to read it because I think it is hmm..macho! Ahahaha.

Anyway, after a while I found it is not my thing so I stop reading it, after a few series. Pening kepala with all the actions, hikmat peringat ke-9, tumbukan keramat, etc.

Mr Comot quite impressed with me that I know Pedang Setiawan. Hehehe seee I told ya, it's macho-thing okay. Anyway he told me about his collection; Juara-Juara Kembar. I asked him to bring some for me and I'm obsessed with it now!!!

Juara-Juara Kembar

I found it is funny and entertaining instead of headache-ing. (But I do skip a few scenes that have too many A tendang B, B pukul A, A tetak B :P)

The storyline is sooooo unpredictable. It is anticipating to know what's next and next, with lots of good action with funny captions like hikmat mencantumkan bunga memindahkan zamrud, hikmat keramat bayangan, hikmat mencuci tulang sum-sum & membersihkan otak. The character's name is interesting too like this Du Tangan Berdarah, Li Mulut Lebar, Kili Nawa, Trio Sinar, Ting&Tang.

Do you know that Li Mulut Lebar punya hobby is eating human? He even eat his own wife on their first night after wedded.

See I told ya it is interesting ;)

Anyway, another thing that I found rather interesting is that their susun-atur ayat is good! They even have some idioms in the dialogue and make me chuckles sometimes. Teringat zaman kecik2 dulu cikgu ajar peribahasa.

Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga

Kecil-kecil cili api!

Pucat seperti mayat

Dalam laut boleh diduga, dalam hati siapa yang tahu

If you notice, their grammar is correct too! Like 'diduga' (no space between di and duga as duga is the verb). Eh betul ke? Tiba2 macam confuse balik 'duga' is a verb or not. It is more like feeling. Hmm...*going to study balik*

By the way, I already finished up to jilid 10 (what is jilid in english anyway? it's like accumulation of series mcm tu). 1 jilid got 3 episodes. This story has about 30 jilid. So another 20 to go.

Hehehe...this going to be my weekend I guess.

Have a fun weekend guys!

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