Monday, July 7, 2014

Ramadhan 1435

Salam Ramadhan everyone *tiup habuk kat blog*

How's your fasting days so far? Mine biasa je. Normal puasa with no improvement *sobs*. Wanted to do terawikh but I'm just too tired after buka puasa and sometimes solat Isya' pun masa bangun sahur.

But I made one slight improvement this year! I wake up for sahur! Err..I mean, I wake earlier (or same time) with MrComot hehehe. As of the previous years, MrComot will wake up before me and ready the sahur for us, can you believe it? Because I was breastfeeding the kids and by the time the alarm tick, it's their time for feed too. So MrComot said "it's ok...u rest first I get ready everything". Awwww ain't he is the sweetest thing.

As of this year, I still breastfeed Emir (he's 2 1/2yrs now and haven't wean off yet) but heloooo.. let's just face it, it's all pure laziness and just a convenient reason right? I tengok wife2 lain gigih masak bagai, so I was thinking..tak boleh jadi ni!! Gigihla I bangun just to reheat some meals or just bread with serunding (beef floss). Ok la tu kan..not bad for the pampered me hehehe.

Other than that, I think I need to catch up on the Quran recital and terawikh prayer.

Also need to improve myself in understanding Islam. I was born with it so I don't really bother to study more about it...but now I just realized that it's more about the's something we need to fully understand and there are a lot of thing that I still don't know.

And I need to find my true passion in life. I feel that I'm stuck now with my own life and need to find a push for something big. Sigh...maybe it's a midlife crisis (even though I'm not that old) haha.

Selfie on the way to work. Emir busy watching sofia the first!

Anyway, this is my current favorite salad dressing. It tastes so so sooo good that I can have bowls of greens as my main meals.

Wishing you guys a production Ramadhan mubarak. Come on! We can do this! Grab as much as opportunities we can! :)

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