Friday, July 18, 2014

Waffle with Walid Day

This event was before fasting month, but I haven't have time to blog about it.

If we had Make Muffin with Ummi Day for Mom's Day last time, of course daddy is celebrated too. The school arrange for Waffle with Walid Day after the Daddy's Day. Walid is arabic word, means father in case you are wondering (as if I have overseas reader haha! JK!)

MrComot schedule was very hectic that time and he can't afford to take a leave. So I dah siap saiko kan dia, "kesiaaaannn the kids to see other father is around but not theirs". Saiko kan? Hahaha. After ting tong scheduling meeting and whatnot, thank God in the end he managed to take half day leave to attend the event. Half day pun jadi la. Masa my time dulu I took whole day leave and bring the kids back home earlier.

Ok back to the daddy's day celebration, below are some pictures snapped to share with me what they are up to that day:
Zahra made omelette with beef bacon for her daddy

They made an awesome craft together - handmade screen print t-shirt. This is soooo Zahra! She loves stuff like this. 

Playtime with daddy. This scene melt my heart. Like normal sibling behavior, they always fight and rarely come to term

You are definitely hands down best daddy! ;)

The children perform stage show but MrComot didn't manage to take a picture of it. Well, there is a video, but half cut, not worth sharing here haha. He said, it's hard to snap picture because Emir is keep on climbing on him. Elehhh.. I've been there, I know la how is it. Memang the kids will be extra clingy but you still can capture pics if you are gigih enough.

I bet he's busy replying mails using the phone, hence, no elaborated pictures snapped during the event rolling eyes

Anyway, thank you for being the best daddy in our world! We love you soooo mucho mucho much! love struck

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