Monday, July 14, 2014

The Baking Goddess Wannabe

I did something unbelievable last weekend, despite of my hectic schedule, craft hobby and rumah sepah tak kemas mode - attending a baking class!!

Well, it was a bit chaotic I'll say because I had work migration on that night, and then the very next morning nak pegi baking class pulak! Nasib baik the migration went well and not that long, so I managed to catch my nap. But then, kejap je sebab sahur kan.

It all started when I follow Kak Yani's IG (@thekitchenguardian) and fell in love with her baking style. Then a few weeks back, she starts making classes and the seat are full within few hours. Hot stuff sangat k. And me being me (sometimes can be very impulse despite of my crazy schedule) cepat2 email cakap nak masuk waiting list, and the moment she told me there is a slot, I quickly say yes!!

Thank God I said yes because it was the last class..until next September. Hehe so anyone interested, get ready k.

Since this is the last class for now, the turn around was very big, around 24pax. We are divided into 4-5pax per group for hands on session.

We learned how to make swiss meringue buttercream, lemon curd, lemon cupcake, belgian choc cake, choc ganache, choc buttercream and congo bars. Well, for a baker maybe you'll think "elehhhh senang je ni" hahaha but for a novice like me, whom only bakes buttercake (which most of the time didn't turn out ok) this is a big step! Making the buttercream itself already gives me shiver tongue

swiss meringue buttercream, which surprisingly seems easy to make (suddenly i sounds like a pro kan haha), and tasty too! MrComot loves this version very much! It uses egg white instead of whipped cream.

Choc button as the main ingredient
Congo bars in progress

Belgian choc cake fresh out of oven

Lemon cupcake on the left

My group's Belgian Choc Cake. This is deliciously evil!

Sorry, can't help it! big grin

Me with my group. 2 of them are in early 20s. young and already exposed to all this stuff. I still remember when I was 20s, all I ever do is study (not that much) and hmmm..didn't achieve much. How I wish I spent my youth more wisely. Well, I think it's generation era, those days, we are more "follow the flow" type, don't really dare to chase other dreams.

We get to bring back some cupcakes, congo bars and a quarter of belgian cake, bake by us *proud moment*.

I gave the cupcakes and congo bars to Zahra and Emir and both reject the cupcake (I guess they don't like the lemony taste) but they chomped on the congo bars like crazy. Zahra keep on saying "Thank you mommmyyy sedapppnyaaaa". Coming from Zahra that is a fussy eater, that means a lot to me. Seems like I need to reproduce those bars ASAP.

Anyway, baking is indeed a hard work. They are a lot of thing you need to prepare and be patience about..mixing, baking, cooling, decorating. It definitely has to be something you love doing. Else, it will eat you inside out. So tiring. So I decided that I don't want to be a baker and stick to my crafting (and I definitely appreciate and have more respects for home-made cake baker!) but..maybe congo bars kena buat, since Zahra loves it so much, and it's easy to do!

Side story, the class supposed to be from 10AM - 2PM but somehow it dragged until 4PM and I'm fine with it, but this is my first time leaving the kids with MrComot during the day and they are very attached to me. So nak dijadikan cerita, Emir pooped and refused to be washed by MrComot and he stays in the soiled diaper for 2 hours plus! Knowing him...dia mmg choosy nak I yg basuh berak dia. If MrComot wants to wash he will throw tantrum. Finally MrComot managed to wash it and I was already on the way back that time d'oh

Oh ya, MrComot loveees lovesss lovess the lemon cupcake so much! And this surprise me because he always tell me, sourish cake is weird, cake has to be sweet. That's his definition of dessert generally. So I expect him to like the belgian choc cake, instead dia suka sangat the lemon cupcake pulak, and hint me "Boleh buat lemon cupcake lepas ni". Aghhhhh such pressureeee!!! Haha. Can I buy them instead? nail biting

By the way, the class gave me a little boost, I can do this! InsyaAllah. I only need to be rajin and that will the hardest part hehehehe.


  1. Hahahaha! Aan, kena bt sendiri jugaklah. Tak moh beli. Air tanggan mummy tu yg best! pd sy, menjahit lagi tough dr membakar tau. Hahahaha!

  2. Tu la...kalau I buat mesti nnt my kids cakap, my mom made the best cake in the world! Hahaha. But seriously, menjahit mmg penat..but masak pun penat. Ok 2-2 mencabar actually! :p