Thursday, July 17, 2014

Arabian Night

We had some makan-makan last two days (sempena cuti Nuzul Quran). Well, it was a bit adhoc, since it's holiday I just said to my PIL "come la mak and pak buka puasa kat our house". Kannnnnn!! Yakin boleh sangat! As if I am a real cook. Masak pun sekali sakala. Then mula lah gelabah nak masak apa.

But to be truth, because my friend gave me a packet of nasi Arab paste, so I was thinking, belasah la buat nasi Arab. Dah la first time nak try pakai paste, berani ajak orang pulak tu silly

I was so clueless how to make it, even though the instruction is written at the package, but it's for rice only, not lauk-pauk. I even googled "resepi nasi arab dengan pes". How novice am I, LOL.

I also asked around and some of my friend buat macam ni, some buat mcm in other word, it's versatile.

In the end, I decided to go with Hanith style even though the paste is for Mendy because I want to have a very soft-to-the-bone chicken and lamb.

So I used some of the paste, rub on my chicken and lamb, pound some garlic and onions, wrap with aluminium foil and bake for 1hr at 200deg. Oh myyyy goshh...the lamb and chicken is so succulent and tender! 

Then I made the tabouleh (the salad) with chopped grape cherry tomato, japs cucumber, lots of coriander, and lemon juice. As of the sambal, I blend roughly tomatoes, chilli, and coriander, season with salt and sugar. For the soup, I just use the juice that coming off from the chicken and lamb. Since it is wrapped in foil, it retains the flavourful juice. 

And tell you what, the combo is the bomb!! Seriously!! One of the best nasi Arab I ever had! I wish I take some decent pictures but I forgot! The paket pes pun dah buang..lupa nak snap. 

The only pic I managed to snap. Itupun dah tengah makan, tangan comot sebelah.

Seriously sedappppp sangat! Dah la senang giler hahaha. I dah order new paste from my friend. Later I took picture k!

All the hard work is paid off (hard la sangat tongue). Ok maybe the hardest part is chopping the tomatoes and cucumber, because it's time consuming hahaha.

I still can't believe myself that I managed to pull it off. *Pat on my shoulder*

By the way, not all are rosy. I made some pengat pisang for dessert but it doesn't turn out ok because I don't have coconut milk and just pour a whole can of evaporated milk. A WHOLE CAN. So my pengat smells kinda weird, dia macam bau susu straight face. I scooped out some and replace with water but still bau susu. Eww!

In the end, I didn't serve everybody my pengat and hid it in the microwave! Hahaha. Well, that's one of the tactic of being a domestic goddess wannabe winking

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