Saturday, June 21, 2014

Stomach Flu

This happens last Friday. Around 11PM suddenly hensem boy purge out all his milk. And the nightmare begins after that. He keep on vomiting every 15 mins even though no milk and food in his stomach. Kesian the end dia tertido sebab penat but still, he vomit in his sleep. Can you imagine that? *cries*

My kids jarang sakit and when they do (normally fever or bad cough) I still can get my sleep, even tido-tido ayam but for the first time in my life, I couldn't sleep at all. Tak sempat nak tido Emir dah bangun muntah again. It was that bad.

So I took emergency leave on Friday and Zahra stays home as well. That was when I receive message from their teacher that some of the kids at the school also affected with same symptom. 

Kesian my hensem boy. I was cooking lunch this time and suddenly he was so quiet, tengok2 dah terpengsan atas lantai. No pant and shirt as all are covered with vomit. Tak larat nak salin dah.

And then the nightmare worsen when Zahra started to vomit in the evening.

They were so tired and just lie down the whole time
I was holding from bringing them to the doctor because they don't have any fever (which is good) and only vomit and very loose stool. From what I google2 and read, it might be stomach flu and somehow it will go away within 24-48hrs. So I just make sure they are hydrated. But during the evening it looks quite bad, so I bring them to the doctor.

At clinic. Both looks pale and tired.
As expected, doctor pun takleh buat apa sebab I just need to give them a lot of fluid. Doc checked both of them and since they still looks 'hydrated' no need to be warded, thank God! He prescribed them motilium to stop the nausea and omg, it works wonder. They stop vomiting like immediately and Emir starts to take another drink (vitagen, juice, etc). Before that he won't drink at all because after minum air kosong pun dia muntah, so he kinda traumatized even just for a sip.

Their appetite still not back throughout the weekend and just imagine, they don't eat anything AT ALL on saturday and sunday. Emir only took vitagens and plain water and as Zahra she had her milk (but with motilium beforehand). Kalau tak amik ubat tu, dia vomit balik.

Just a tip, milk will make upset stomach worse. So pls avoid dairy if u have diarrhea or loose stool. But since Zahra wants her milk, I had no choice (I dilute the milk a little bit though) and cross my finger it won't worsen her condition, and Alhamdulillah no vomit after that.

On Sunday evening, Emir's appetite starts to kick in and I gave him some fruits (without medication) and thank God the food stays in the stomach. So they are good for school on Monday!

Monday. Mommy pulak MC! Apparently the virus spreaded to me, gahhhh!

And the frist thing Emir did when he reach school, take placemate and fill up the bowl. Macam tak makan berapa minggu hahaha. He must be very hungry.
Phewww..that was one of the saddest moment, seeing him purging like waterfall. And tiring as well. I've been mopping and changing bedsheets and doing cycles of laundry due to the vomit.

It's kind of rotavirus but not that bad (I heard rotavirus is nasty) so I conclude it's a mild stomach flu. Not that mild though as it can spread to me just like that. And according to the teacher, even some on the aunties who directly clean up the affected kids also feel nauseated and not well during the weekend.

Anyway all is good now. Alhamdulillah :)


  1. Elia kena berak-berak. Eiman muntah-muntah... berjangkit kat MIL sebab dia tolong jaga sekejap.
    I feel you sis... mmg penat... *nangis

  2. Alhamdulillah its nothing serious...but good sharing Aan!

    p/s: Sungguh comel la Emir ni rasa macam nak gigit!