Friday, June 20, 2014

Delicious Cheated Pasta Bake

I've been cooking for dinner lately. Like all the time (pat on my shoulder). We no longer eat my MIL and's tiring but less tiring at the same time! It's tiring because I reach home around 730, then rush to cook (and entertain the kids at the same time) but by 830 all of us will be couch potato in front of the TV while having dinner - best time ever! That's the time when I get to relax a bit.

As opposed to eat at my MIL, I don't have to cook and rush out but after the relaxing dinner, we have to get in the car and drive home (that will be around 930PM already) and then rush to ready the kids for bed. That way will be more exhausted. But the pros are, the kids get to see their grandma and grandma, and we get to eat better home-cooked food *cough* *cough*.

So anyway, we started to have dinner on our own and both of us don't really like the idea of buying outside food. Maybe because we don't find shops that we like. Most of the time we bought craps. So dinner is cooked by either of us, depending on siapa less tired (haha thank you hubby). Of course I would love to cook all the time, but sometimes the kids want their mommy. 

There was one time when I am folding the clothes, Zahra said "Mommy..lets play together, biar daddy yang lipat" LOL. 

Since time is the constraint, we cook simple stuff and most of the time will be one sauteed vege and telur mata kerbau haha! MrComot is not a fussy eater and he is fine with that. When I'm feeling fancy, I'll make grill chicken or daging masak hitam. For that kind of food, I have to be "more rajin" and plan for it, like turunkan the meat from freezer to chiller before going to work. Then balik sibuk nak kopek bawang la pulak. My mom taught me to peel off the onions and garlic in bulk during the weekend so I can use straightaway during the weekdays, but I'm too lazy to do that. Weekend is the "do-nothing" day hehehe.

Sometimes I make oglio or other simple pasta dish. But still require me to chop the onions, vege and whatnot.

And one day I was feeling to have something western and creamy like lasagna tapi malas nak buat and don't want to buy either. I went out to settle my groceries previously and while browsing the pasta section I found this:

Instant Pasta Bake by Leggos
I read the instruction and it only requires me to boil 3 cups of pasta and mix with the sauce, sprinkle some grated cheese and pop in the oven for 20mins. Easy peasy!

Kebetulan pulak that day I reached home around 8PM and too tired to cook so I was thinking this is the night to try it!

Tasty indeed!

*Forgot to take picture after bake it. Too busy digging in :D*

I always have this perception that instant food is not healthy and not tasty. Well, I can't vouch for the healthiness even it says no artificial colors, flavors and preservative but this instant pasta bake is tasty!!! Like really tasty!!

It doesn't have that "instant" taste which taste almost like junkfood and not too salty that I don't feel parch after that which is a good sign - less sodium and maybe no MSG at all. I always feel thirsty if I eat outside food that have too much salt and MSG.

So this is definitely will be a repeat for us!

And the best part is, it's not that expensive. The sauce is around RM12, pasta is like RM4 but u don't use the whole lot and that cheese is around RM12 and I just use half of it too. So total up is less than RM30 for all of us and should I repeat that it is yummy? And of course hygienic! I have this fear with outside food that the cook have long nails, and smoke, etc. But I do eat out if the food is nice =D

Going to try out more instant food after this. For convenience sake. But nothing beat old skool nasi putih, sayur goreng and telur mata kerbau with kicap =D

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    kami yg opis dekat pun, kalau kena pengakit M... masak lauk jer, nasi azwan masak. hahahhhah...
    klu rajin, adalah 3 lauk. klu malas... jadilah mcm ayam kunyit sayoq lambak satu mangkuk. ahahahahha