Tuesday, December 3, 2013


When did you last has this fluttering sensation in your stomach? Mine was like ages ago, that I can't even remember when was it. And today, the sensation kicks in.. because I'm going to send the kiddos to playschool tomorrow!

I know I know...just sending them to school, what is the big deal?

Currently, both of them is on full-time babysitter environment which is a total homey and laid-back and the babysitter cares for them. So this is a big decision for us, and the kids. I wonder how they going to take it, but I hope they will be fine.

It all started when I had the breakdown moment and we decided to change our routine, by taking maids of course! We've been seeking high and low, online and offline, getting contacts of the maids, but somehow.. we didn't dare to make that commitment. All of us know that having maid is not all rainbows and butterflies so I am a bit scaredy cat there.

After a while, the idea of having maid cool off and I was thinking, why don't we send Zahra and Emir to school! The key is to find the right one for us. That will make the kids happy and maybe we can cut some KL traffic as we don't have to detour to the babysitter's anymore.

So that's how it started. We took a couple days of leave..visited each schools in KD and KL that suit our route, observed their environment, talked to the teachers and that narrow us to two places. One is Brainy Bunch KD and another one is The Treehouse Playschool.

Honestly..I will choose BB anytime, because it is so so so convenient. Very near with our house, and don't have to go through the traffic at all. And I like their place, it's a bungalow lot with land and spacious space for the kids. Not to mention they are trained teachers and run Islamic Montessari Syllabus.

As for TTH, the drawback is that it's a shop-lot place. But, after I talked to the teachers, I fell in love immediately, MasyaAllah.. From my first impression, they are committed and very passionate with children. So that matters. To be fair, I didn't talk to BB's teachers personally (because we couldn't find the right time to meet them), so I can't judge them. But I was in rush as well. I want to send Zahra to playschool in December because she will be 4 next year. It's like junior playschool and I don't want extreme change for her, so if I start this year (she's considered as 3yo this year) she will be in baby playschool (TTH calls it baby caliph). And with time constraint and whatnot, I decided to choose TTH.

I'm not very worried with Zahra as she kinda understands when I said she's going to school, but as for Emir, he is very very very fond and manja with her babysitter. I hope both of them can adapt the new change and pray that this will be a good decision that we made.

Opss...sorry for this drastic ending, gotta go pick my kids up! Write later!

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