Thursday, December 26, 2013

Kiddos and School

Salam everyone! I guess most of us dah start cuti, but not for me! I still have a lot of of unfinished business, work lah apa lagi. Haishh.. work is an never ending affair.

As I wrote before, we decided to send the kids to playschool and wish that all the stresses begone, like *poof* but apparently NOT! Haishhh what was I thinking lah! Not everything is rosy like I wished for, like:

1) The kids are NOT HAPPY, yet! Well, they are happy when they are at school. But they are not happy when we have to wake them up early, getting ready, yada yada. And things become worsen when it's Monday, because of the weekend break.

It's not TTH's fault. It's that they still don't overcome their anxiety. To be fair, we will have this anxiety as well if we change our job right? New place, new friends, etc. But I was wishing the anxiety will be gone in a week.. well, it's almost a month now, the kids been adapting and better at it, but still not up to 100%.

The first week was the hardest. I woke the kiddos up around 7AM and tried to persuade them to bathe and whatnot..and they will be all grumpy and Zahra being the cleverest will say "Tanak pegi school!". Then I'll ask her few simple question (trying to dig what is inside her head) "Zahra nak pegi rumah mak (the babysitter) ke?" and she will said, no, she just wants to be at our own home - "Zahra nak duduk rumah sendiri!"  

Then of course la I will tell her nicely that mommy has to go to work, petang mommy ambil etc etc..then drama air mata pun start lah. Ishhhh stress ok! Then she improvised a few days after that when I asked the same thing again, she will said "Zahra nak pegi rumah mak!" Ahhh sudah. So I had to change the story that the babysitter is on holiday and no one at home. The key point is, she just doesn't want to wake up early. My kids mmg not early person la.

So we change the tactic on second week, we send them in pyjama, the TTH aunties will bathe them there. Well, we can do that, provided we sent them before 815AM. So they will sleep in the car until we carry them up and our house to TTH is just about 10mins, and the 10mins pun my kids bantai tidur. So can you imagine how much they love their sleep? Sampai TTH je they refused to sleep (they let the kids sleep if they want to) and Zahra starts to cry and refused to stay at school. The funny thing is, I was expecting Emir to become like this, but it turns out Zahra yg berdrama, Emir ok je pegi school.

But to say they are not happy with TTH environment...NOT! When we  picked them, ok je happy lompat sana sini and siap cakap esok nak pegi school again. It's just, they hate the morning good bye.

2) We have to rush back home. Well this is kinda good and bad stuff together. We have to rush out because to avoid being late. They still can take care of the kids kalau kitaorg lambat, but tak best la..kesian the kids kat school lama-lama so we try our best to be there. Kalau dulu the babysitter's place is in KL kan, so we pick them first and stuck in jam together. Now dalam pukul 7 baru jumpa the kids. So the bad thing is, if MrComot has meeting outside of KL ke, susah sikit nak cepat since we are sharing one car. Ada few days ago, we used two cars (borrowed from MIL) because he had meetings in KLJ and CBJ. The good thing is, we reach home around 7PM since we don't have to detour to babysitter's house.

Hmm what else? Only that kot yg tak best. Well, it has been a month and we are still adjusting. All in all, there have been positive changes with the kids behavior. Zahra talks more and her pronunciation is getting better. Not that I train her to talk or what, but macam bila dia nyanyi simple song like twinkle-twinkle, she has more confidence and the words slip out clearly, not mumbling like before. 

She starts to ask about Allah, such as why Allah kuat, where is Him, why can't we see Him, what He looks like, etc.. Well, I find that are VERY HARD questions. I don't really know how to answer that because..hmm I never ask that when I was small I guess. Anyway, I just answered it as general as it can be, nothing really complicated, like He is the creator, He is everywhere, you can't see Him because he is powerful, but He's watching you. I don't know if it's enough for her. Hmmm writing this reminds me that I need to google up on the tips how to answer such questions.

The kids bedtime also changed. Bila pukul 8PM je, mata Zahra dah kelip-kelip, mengantuk lah tu. They sleep early nowadays, I think because of the activities at school, using up all the energy. Kalau dulu, pukul 1AM pun susah nak tido ok. Now pukul 10PM dah out. Which is very gooood as kids need to sleep early, but mommy and daddy pun out jugak! I was thinking if they sleep at 10, maybe I can have some extra hours to watch TV or do some craft, but macam tak je...haha.

Anyway, below are few pics of them on their first and second day of schooling. The aunties snap the pictures for me. Oh ya, they don't use the word "teacher", they use aunties instead. Lagi mesra kot?

Being independent. Kids are trained to take the bowl, fork and spoon, cup, place-mate and eat by themselves 

Emir's first time makan sendiri. Selalunya bersuap by babysitter. Such a big boy! *sniffles*

Ok, next pictures no caption because I don't really know what are they doing, well obviously playing around ;)

Craft of the day!

Looks like they are having so so so much fun!!!

Other than a couple of glitches, they are fine with the new school. We hope that they will overcome the anxiety as soon as possible. And hope that we can reach home as fast as we can. I miss those two munchkins!!

Oh ya, last not least the best part is, I don't have to struggle with both of them strangling each other when we stuck for 2 hours anymore! Phewwww!! That will be so much relief, even though I kinda miss them on our journey back home! Haha. Such indecisive mommy! I hope we made a good decision in sending them to school. It wont be as homey and motherly love like at the babysitter's but hope it will help to mold them into a strong little caliphs, insyaAllah! ;)

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