Monday, December 30, 2013

No-Sew Tutu

This is a very longggggg due post! And it's not that exciting to write about it anymore but I promised myself that I HAVE to write about this, about everything that I made, so one day when I flip my blog I will sniffles in proud like, woaaaaa I made this! Or maybe I'll chuckle at my silliness "elehhh macam ni pun nak tayang kat blog". LOL. Whatever it is, it's just a small promise that I made and I remember, so I have to write this ;-) 

*and I have loads of pending entries, that also go into my promise entry..sigh*

It's a no-sew tutu I made for Zahra looooonnnngg time ago. The pictures dated 15th Nov 2012.'s more than a year ago. How fast time flies haha.. ok not funny. Just laughing at my 'procrastination'.

Ok back to the no-sew tutu, it's a very very very easy stuff to make and if your kids love it, go ahead make one or two because two main thing:

1) It's freaking cheap than the store bought
2) Your daughter will go woahhhhh my mom can make this?! I thought it grows on tree! 


What you need, any color of tulle fabric you like. I picked turquoise and sea green because that's the best color combo that I found that day. Bought it at Kamdar Midvalley. 

Make some loop and knot it. For details explanation, try to google "no sew tutu tutorial". I couldn't take a proper picture that day because as you can see, my hensem boy is busy helping me.

And after couple of hours and bucket of sweat (and mainly is because I'm doing it with a very helpful assistant) ta-daaaah!!! She's loving it!

So much that she refused to take it off
And wear it while having lunch and watching the iPad

And while helping me in the kitchen. She was at this "I want to whisk egg" stage. 

One of best hand-made stuff I've made! I wanted to make more in another colors, like pink and purple but couldn't find the time to find the fabric and let alone to do the time consuming knot. Now I understand why people just succumbed to storebought tutus...because I've turned into one! Hahaha. Bought a few tutu's dress and they cost me triple the price, but oh well..I'm paying for my time I guess.

But seriously, if you have some spare time, make this! It'll be worth it when you see your daughter twirling around, feeling all princessy ;-)

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