Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Balloon-blower Spirit

Zahra loves balloon. Who doesn't right? There's something with that air-filled rubber that incites fun.

She's been trying to blow her own balloon since couple of weeks ago, but she will never get it right because she still don't get the 'pinch the opening after you blew, and blow again after u catch up the breath' concept. I showed her once but she couldn't do it, so I just let it go, no big deal.

But a few nights ago, she did it right!!! I was sooo surprised because she's been doing it all alone in the toys room.  My first reaction was, screaming with excitement:

"Wahhhhh clevernya Zahra!!!!"

I consider it as a big achievement and am so proud of her. Well, typical mom isn't it. Hahaha. 

Her first blowing balloon right!!

Look at her face, so excited as the balloon getting bigger.

And she couldn't get enough! She blows balloon every night after.

And coincidentally somebody gave us a bag of balloons last week, so here she goes.

Of course it won't go to waste, those precious carbon dioxide - having fun with them.

She has been swimming with the balloon every single night now, and of course hensem boy loving it too! Too bad I didn't get to snap his pic with the balloon, he moves too fast /:)

The house looks like we are having a party as balloons are everywhere. But it's kinda cute, so I can live with it ;)


  1. awh,happynya zahra. good job,more balloon to come? emir pun mesti happy ada banyak balloon kan?

  2. That's fantastic Zahra loves her balloons, is blowing them up, and is having so much fun with them.