Thursday, August 30, 2012

Raya Craze

Hi everyone! Selamat Hari Raya! Maaf Zahir Batin!

Well, it's not too late right? As we celebrate the Eid for whole Syawal!

As I mentioned before, we spent the holiday in Terengganu. It's going to be our first Raya there and I'm pretty excited. We applied for annual leave on Thursday and Friday but start the journey on Friday, to avoid the jam on the Saturday and it turned out everybody also took the leave and government servant siap dpt cuti lagi hari Jumaat T_T. But the traffic wasn't so bad because we split the journey into 2. We stop in Kuantan for a night and move from there to Besut. So okay la.

Ok, talking about excited, my excitement didn't kick my bone that early and that explain why we still don't have baju raya until Thursday! Jumaat tu dah nak balik kampung ok. So on Khamis tu dah gabra ohh noooooo! Not that I want new clothes sangat, but it would be fun to have matching outfits for all of us :D

So we decided to go to Jalan TAR on Thursday! Knowing MrComot, NO WAY IN HELL he will go to Jalan TAR at this moment. Ok that will be too dramatic but he is that type, he doesn't like crowded place and all the heat, etc. Ughhhh. Btw, we went anyway! We sent the kids to babysitter like usual and off to Jalan TAR around 11AM. And talk about being a fat hen on the comfortable couch, we decided to drive there. DRIVE to Jalan TAR during festive season is insane!

We were thinking..alaaaaa kalau jam pun ok apa, we have each other in the car, ada aircond some more, boleh borak-borak, boleh dengar radio. Ha ha ha comfortable jam my ass. We can't even enter Jalan TAR at all! We did reach there, but all the parking entries are CLOSED by the police traffic. Even SOGO parking also closed. The roadside parking is full and we've been in cycle for almost an hour that we decided, that's it, we are going by LRT!

So tak ke buang masa..we drove from Brickfield all the way to Jalan TAR, only to return back to Brickfield and park at KLSentral and naik LRT from there haha. By the time we reached Jalan TAR, it's almost 1PM *sigh*

 On the way to Jalan TAR. The traffic was clear, but no parking!

This is not our first time to take LRT but definitely the first time after..4 years? Oh my..I already forgot how the process, how to buy ticket, etc etc. Talk about kacang lupakan kulit haha. LRT was my official transportation back then, since day one I am in KL :)

We even taken aback with the touch screen ticket machine. Ok, I've used the touch screen before but it wasn't that good and interface so buruk but this one..I was like, oooohhh myy gawddd machine apakah ini? So we resort to counter because we not even sure how to buy it hahaha.

 And since when the LRT changed their ticketing system to coins? Noob!

Well, it was pretty interesting experience. We giggle most of the journey and MrComot tak habis2 amazed with the systems hahaha. So finally we reached Jalan TAR safe and sound and tell you what, it is much easier to go there via LRT. It's damn near that you don't even sweat, plus it has this giant tunnel that you can walk through right to Masjid Jamek without burning your skin *True Blood mode*

So yeah, we went to Wisma Yakin, the famous place for Baju Melayu and we did our Baju Nikah there!!! Oh my..I never knew it's called Wisma Yakin. My friend keep on telling me, pegi la WY banyak baju and I was like, where where where..siap cari-cari padahal..duh! They got this array of shops selling baju melayu ready made and tailored (obviously we have to buy the ready made one) for daddy and baby! Also got matching baju kurung for mommy! We stroll one by one, keeping our mind open, undecided with what color theme we will have this year, asalkan ada yg cantik and match for everybody, that it is!

And finally we found one set in BAK, and how ironic, we tailored MrComot's nikah outfit at that BAK ha ha ha. There is one baju melayu in Belgium cotton that is sooo soft and drape nicely on MrComot. We managed to snag baju melayu teluk belanga for Emir which is super cute and beaded pesak gantung for Zahra. All from the same material and design. And guess what....semua orang dapat EXCEPT for mommy! Because they don't have it in my size *sigh*. L is too big for me and S is too snug, and M is sold out!

I was a bit disappointed, I mean, this is unfair! Haha..I want to have matching outfit with Zahra too!

We rushed to BAK Kota Damansara (they have one in KD too) only to find different branch carry different color *sigh*. And their staff is rude too. Menyampah! Tanak pegi yg KD anymore even though dekat. I rather go to Wisma Yakin!

Gigih basuh baju tu malam and I hang it at the backyard. The clothes still a bit damp in the morning and I hang it in the car. It works as curtain for the kids hehehe.

Since we spent the Thursday shopping baju raya, we have to pack during the morning and that's how we ended up packing for 4 hours *sabar je la*.

Pening nak letak baju apa. Semua tak decide betul-betul. 

The kids are not ealy person, so we drove them in their pyjama. 

We stop in Kuantan, rest for a night and continue the journey the next day. We did the same during for our return to KL. I'll story about the pit stop later.

So Selamat Hari Raya everyone! And this weekend going to be 3-days weekend! Ohhh I love August 2012! Haha..anyway we are going to Kuantan again this weekend because my brother will have aqiqah ceremony for his newborn so I have to turn down all other invitations. Sorry! But thanks for inviting me! :)

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