Friday, August 17, 2012

Chaotic Parents

We r the way to terengganu now. Both babies are still sleeping, can u believe that? Seronok aircond kut.

Anyway we started packing after subuh and start our move around 10am. We took a freaking 4 hours to pack! Omg..seriously lembap dont know what took us so long.

Itu pun still tertinggal2 benda boleh?

We were doing some mind checking in the car..u bring this or not? U bring that?

Ohh nooooo me forgot bring inhaler...carrier emir...ubat bontot..ubat demam etc etc. Haiyohhh the utmost important thing pun boleh missed.

And the best part it..

MrComot: sayang..susu emir mana?

Me: damn! Me panaskan tadi and terlupa ambil!!!

I warm up the frozen ebm for emir so that we don't have to stop for me to breastfeed him..i can just feed him via the bottle. And i forgot to bring the milk can? It's in the bottle rendam air panas lagiii. Mommy mommy...seriously i'm soooo x cekap menda2 mcm ni.

I guess we need to make checklist before going anyway far. That will make things much easier.

Soo..yeah..we r on the way now..u guys have a good raya n enjoy the holiday. Drive safe!

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  1. nak tanya...

    theyols ni tido dlm wardrobe kah??

    * larrri

  2. Supermeng,
    Kannnnn! Itula kegunaan kenderaan besar gedabak haha