Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ramadhan 2012

Salam Ramadhan everyone. It's already the 3rd week of fasting month and I haven't update ever since. Life is really taking a toll on me.

How's ur Ramadhan? Mine is pretty normal, just like past years. We still eat at PIL (God bless them!) and sahur at minimal. You know la my husband, makan roti dengan air pun ok. He's not a nasi or heavy food eater. 

MrComot is very wonderful and being so kind for preparing all the sahur stuff (even though it's just simple roti with salami, kaya, etc) and only woke me up when everything is ready. Not that I am too lazy or sleepyhead, but everytime it's the time for me to wake up for sahur (around 5AM), Emir will asking for another feeding and I'll breastfeed him and continue sleeping. Thank you so much hubby! I feel bad for this, but oh works for both of us, so ok la.

There are times when we feel like having rice so MrComot will cook the rice during the night, after we reached home and will just fry telur dadar during sahur. If we want fancy sahur, we just bought it..but outside food is kinda sucks, so it's not that satisfying either.

I still feel very tired but magically feels better during Ramadhan. It's weird because we can't eat during the day kan..must be the goodness of this holy month. Anyway I saw my gynea yesterday for medical checkup and she prescribed me neurobion (a multivits for the nerve to treat my fatigues) and iron tablet. We'll see if it helps, forgot to bring home last night so didn't take it yet. I also due for full blood test screening (I do this every year), so maybe next week lah. 

Breastfeeding during Ramadhan...on the first week, I prepared myself this yummy concoction = full cream milk + almonds + dates + raisins = blend all together but the lazy bug got me, so I stop doing that anymore and just taking my anmum lacta. Alhamdulillah the milk is enough for Emir, in fact it's a bit more than during not fasting month. Maybe my body is doing well (less fatigue) and I'm eating a balanced diet. I eat lots of fruits compared to last month because my PIL's style breaking the fast is to eat the fruits first..then a bit then baru makan nasi.

Ramadhan also meant for a laid-back time for us. We spent every weekend at home having fun with the kids because we find it too hassle to go to the mall. It'll be not exciting to go during afternoon because we can't eat/have lunch there (we interested in food more than shopping) and we are too lazy to join the crowd if we go out during the evening, have to rush for buka puasa, solat maghrib etc. So yeah, home sweet home.

Zahra and Emir enjoy our cuddle-at-home-weekend so much. They have been jumping, running and wrestling together and Zahra even did some rolling! Can you imagine that? I am a scaredy cat to do that, afraid will break my neck. But I know, it only takes courage and confident to roll, so in other word, I'm not confident nor courageous enough. I even stop my silat gayung class (during my form 2) because the tuk guru asking everybody to roll and I don't want to do it, so I just quit. I don't want Zahra to be like me so I just let her roll or do whatever pose she wants to do and just keep reminding her 'be careful Zahra..'.

Another 12 days before we end Ramdhan, hope I manage to do better each day, in term of ibadah. Honestly, I didn't do much for the past weeks and pretty disappointed with myself. But better late than never aight?

We are going to spend raya in Terengganu this year for the first time after 4 years being married! Yeayy! The first year I was heavily pregnant, 2nd year Zahra was sick, then 3rd year, pregnant again..hopefully everything goes well.

Oklah..gotta continue rambling on the next entry. Below is a couple shots of Zahra trying to feed Emir water from the bottle. Emir insists to hold it by himself and Zahra was holding it hard because she wants to 'shove' it into Emir's mouth hehehe. 

And that's the  new hairclip I made her, heart shape with heart button. The first time she saw it, she screams excitedly, "Mommmyyyyy! Bentuk wuuuf (love)!"

Emir: Nakkkk
Zahra: Tak bolehhh! 

Emir: Yeay I got it!
Zahra: Ye la..bagi chance..


  1. eh, same la. i also quit silat gayung when was in college cos i cannot roll over, hence cannot naik grade.
    Show ur pouch raya pic plsss.. MMS me :)

  2. soalan: high chair kat sinki tu utk siapa?

    raya kat kampung syok. kami tatau la nak balik penang or not since if balik kami akan jd kerahan tenaga masak kemas semua (*read malas)

  3. comelnya Zahra & Emir! Zahra nampak sungguh bertanggungjawab :)

  4. geramnya tgk emir ni..zahra..nape love jd wuuuf?hehe..

  5. Tatty,
    Highchair tu actually bar stool meja makan kitaorg dulu, letak kat sinki tu sebab Zahra nak basuh tangan time tu :P

  6. Fiena, kita ni mmg species penakut hehe

    CIk Kopi, kannnn..Zahra mmg soo sisterly

    Maria, wuuuf sooo comel kan :P