Friday, July 13, 2012

Silly Mistake

I made a silly mistake today. Maybe it's not silly..or not even a mistake to you, but it is a silly mistake to me.

I was looking for a birthday card at midvalley and was a bit rushed so I just go into this hallmark store, took my own sweet time choosing and settled for a simple card tagged under Humor.

I glance around roughly and saw no pricetag anyway, turn behind and saw USA 3.99 so my estimation it will be around RM13-RM15 and just brought it to the counter when the cashier told me:

Cashier: 22 ringgit.

And I PAID!!!!

Ok that's the silly mistake. Why on earth I paid RM22 for a card! Maybe it's not much to some..but I already budget around 12-15 and my character is..if I don't want it, I will say "No, I don't want it". Normally I just say, "alamak mahalnya, sorry, tanak lah". I don't feel ashamed to do so even though it's already punched (I mean, it's fair right, because they don't display the price) or I can easily ask her first before buy it, but that's why.. I just don't understand why I didn't do that just now.

I was too stunned and decided just to pay for it. Silly silly silly.

Anyway, this is the card.

Well, I know it's the idea what makes it expensive, but OH WELL, I can just copy it and write it in a piece of manila card. Haha kidding. But yeah, I don't want to pay RM22 for this mass card! I would rather custom-order handmade card. Sigh. But damaged is done. Just don't understand really, what had happened to me? Sooo not me! Maybe it's not my day!


  1. it's suppose to be 12 ringgit something kan?? hey..should ask the cashier the huge different between 12 ringgit and 22 ringgit. takkan guna dollar canada kot..if canadian dollar pun dlm 17 ringgit gitu

  2. so not you not to be careful where you spend your money (or haggle before buying :p).

    Must be one of those days to remind you that it can happen to others too (excuses haha...)

  3. OMG that is one expensive card!!! huhu

  4. AsSalam,

    Hallmark? oh dah kena.
    me ambik kad befday dalam 5 keping utk bebudak siripbiru dulu... sekali dia scan harga dia... isk isk isk...
    terkeluar biji mata me... meraba me carik atas lantai dan masukkan balik dalam soket.

    then me cakap, "Wah so expensive! Never mind la... I dowan".

    aci casher tu pun faham, dia kata it's ok...

    lepas tu, me pi hallmark utk beli reben ngan kad hadiah kecik tu jer!

  5. aan selmat berpuasa !peluk cium untuk zara and emir ye?

  6. aan selmat berpuasa !peluk cium untuk zara and emir ye?

  7. can order custom made card from me :). around rm12-15, hehehehe.