Monday, July 2, 2012

Babies @ Back

I've been sitting at the back passenger seat since Zahra day 1. That will be like 2years and half. Even after we bought the car seat, I still sit behind with her due to breastfeeding condition. It's the most practical position for both of us, where I can lift her and BF her easily.

Then Emir joined in, we put Zahra's car seat at the front - co pilot seat. And I sit behind with Emir. I'm fine with sitting behind but I think it's a good time for me to put both of them behind.

First, because of the airbag. It's not recommended to put Zahra at the co pilot seat because we can't off the airbag. Some car have this feature where u can put the airbag to off mode.

Second, I think Emir is ready to be separated from me. All this while, he has this privilege to sleep on my lap and latch. He is 8-months now..a big boy already. Furthermore, he will sit together with Zahra, so it won't be that  bad and they can entertain each other.

The car also equipped with centered DVD console, so I think they'll enjoy each other company watching movies.

Anyway, we tried putting them together at the back last Saturday when we were out to One Utama. It was all nice and easy during the first 5 minutes.

Then I started to hear some cries from Emir. Then Zahra started asking for everything. 

"Mummmyyyyy..tolong ambik ni!"
"Mummmyyyy..nak ni!"
"Mummmyyyy...tak sampai nak ni!"


And Emir won't stop crying that I had to bribe him with 2 packs of BabyBites finger food. All the way to OneUtama. Sabar je la.

So basically it works! The DVD is not helping though. The food yes. And for Zahra, she got bored and wants to play. So I just let her play whatever she wants as long she sits tight in the car seat.

The first 5mins. All look good and happy.

We survive the return OneUtama journey. Zahra fell asleep and Emir as usual, I gave him another round of finger food hehe.

Today we put the kids behind again. So far so good because it's early in the morning so they just sleep throughout the journey. Emir woke up the moment I put him on the seat and keep on staring at me, sitting at the front. I think he's having some confusion, why I sit so far from him. He keep on yawning and yawning while looking at me. Normally I'll lift him up and BF him and he will fall asleep on my lap, but this morning, he fell asleep half way after staring at mommy *sniffles*

It's so funny that in the end, I am the one who is having blues of letting him sit at the back, without me. The moment we reached babysitter's, I smooches Emir non-stop because I miss him sooooooooooo much! And I feel bad because I didn't give him his 'morning comfort'.

And he cries when I walked out from the house. Ohhh my little sweet heart!

Anyway, we are doing it again this evening, after back from work. It's going to take 1hr plus, 1hr30mins if the traffic is bad, so we'll see it's going to be. Hopefully everything is fine with no drama.


  1. alahai..kan..5minit pertama boleh..marissa dgn aqil xmau..tension je bubuh diorg dlm tu..

  2. I cant even imagine i punya habuan apa nanti..@ heroes bisa menegeluarkan tonsil i later on..azryl is sitting infront with me and opcoz adik akan duduk belakang..dalam carseat.azryl dah tak mahu duduk dalam i just strap dengan seat belt.

    Both of your kids so adorable dalam carseat diorang...i am sure mesti ok lelama kalu diorang dah biasa..cuma kalu jamm...ven we adults pun rimas dalam kereta apatah lagi bebudak nih..

  3. Maria,
    Kena train..dulu Zahra boleh duduk dlm car seat sbb masa tu me confinement, so by hooked or crooked mmg kena duduk jugak masa nak hantar ke babysitter. Nasib baik me takde ditempat kejadian, kalau tak mesti tak berjaya, me ni lembut hati dengar meraung je mesti cakap tak payah la duduk huhuhu

    Lama2 mesti ok kan..jadi biasa, tapi tu la..kalau jam..ya Allah..tensionnya. Mmg kesian sgt kat derang, dah bising2 cranky, and kita pun at the same time dah penat sgt..harap2 me can bersabar.