Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Raspberry Pies

I wanted to post about this during father's day, but work caught up, so yeah..this is last month's story.

I gave MrComot nothing for father's day..not that I celebrate it, but it's going to be cheesy if I buy him something, and I'm into cheesiness lately hehehe.

Anyway, I asked him what he wants..we were in the car that time:

Me: Sayang! Kesian sayang tak pernah dapat apa-apa from me. Cepat cakap sayang nak apa?
MrComot: Betul?
Me: Betul!
MrComot: nak raspberry pie *while beaming*

I was like, hah? raspberry pie? Itu je? And immediately I was imagining a beautiful raspberry pie and started to google the recipe and then I got confused, because I never knew he likes raspberry. 

Me: Are u sure u nak raspberry? Me bake this weekend ok?
MrComot:'s not a pie. You know what.. it's a bla bla bla bla bla bla super powerful bla bla bla very small bla bla bla waiting list bla bla bla *insert nerd talk here*

Ok..apparently, it's a PC but super small, like the size of your palm and can do a lot of thing. So MrComot is super excited because he already has so many projects to do with it. Ok, I don't get it, this nerd thing but it's exciting to see him excited, over material. He rarely buy stuff.

Me: Sayang beli lah!
MrComot: Dah order! But in waiting list! Me have to order in January and July baru confirm dapat masuk list ke tak. Tak confirm dapat beli. Satu dunia macam ni *sad face*

OMG..ada ke barang mcm ni? Haha...gigih ok.

This is what I picture in my mind
Source: google

But, this is his raspberry pi
source: here

Now is July and he already received confirmation that he managed to get into the waiting list. Thank God! I can't imagine how sad he's gonna be if he didn't get into the list, and the shipment will start in August/September from US.

Anyway, we had a little lunch celebration on Sunday at Itallianies with my MIL and BIL and had

Smoked salmon salad with mango, tangerine and feta cheese. So yummy!!!! I have to recreate this at home!

Prawn fettucini with tomato based. We ordered this because I didn't bring Zahra's food that day, so she can share with us. Tapi tu pun makan sikit je..haihh..Zahra ni tekak melayu sikit.

We also had a pan of pepperoni pizza but my hands was full and forgot to snap the picture when it arrives.

Highlight of the day is my *another* raspberry pie.

He looks so poised and calm and such a good boy. Mommy's sweetheart. 
Anyway, that's chicken + rice + brocolli puree.

But that's when he gets his food.

This is what happen when I lambat sikittttt je suap dia makan. Ish ish ishhhh...tak sabar-sabar. Wait til u hear his cry. Garang betul ok!

Thanks to my hubby for being such a wonderful dad to the children *if he ever read this hehehe*. Anyway you are my everything, so you are my raspberry pie! :)


  1. Emir is sooo handsome! Btw, never know abt the other version of raspberry pie, heehehhe

  2. Fiena,
    Aku pun tak tau kewujudan pie ni haha. Ni gamba phone, tu nampak hensem kut. Nnt kita jumpa k

    American 17th June

  3. lor kita pn imagine pie wak..comelje..haha..

  4. oh... dah lepas :P

    BTW, if TERbuat resberi pai tu, hanto le sejorong kat sini... tak pernah rasa lagi...

    *om nom nom (berimaginasi sedang kunyah rasberi pai Aan masak dengan penuh perasaan)