Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Yummy Bat on IMAX

This is entry is soooo not reflecting my current mood - holiday! Yeah..everything has slowed down this week because due to Raya. In fact I'll start my leave this Thursday hooorahhhh! Can't wait for long holiday because I am sick of working. Haha...not sick..just tired.

Anyway, we haven't bought our baju raya yet, can you believe it? Baju pakai ada la..but the formal kurung and baju melayu. Not that I want to buy sangat, in fact I don't really care if I don't have new baju, pakai anything pun ok..but this year going to be the first year for us to raya in Terengganu and with 4 of us! So it will be nice if I put sedondon or boria or whatever you call it. But too bad mommy doesn't thinking about it earlier. I should tempah or buy before raya so takde la problem macam sekarang.

Emir already has one baju Melayu in burnt orange, my friend pass it over from her first son. So the mission is to find same color for MrComot. We took annual leave on last Wednesday to settle few things: change money notes, teeth scaling, and the utmost important - BELI BAJU MELAYU.

But guess what? NONE in the list achieved!


First, because we can't find nice baju Melayu for MrComot, or same color with Emir. Then, we watched Batman the Dark Shadow bolehhhh?

So cuci gigi dan tukar duit hilang ke laut ha ha ha.

We decided to watch it on IMAX because MrComot never been there, like seriously? *insert mean laugh here haha* and I've been there..err...once *still nak berlagak*. Well..so yeah, we pretty excited about it, after all, this is considered a date, so it's time to indulge!

Even though I've seen a movie in IMAX, I kinda forgot about it because it was 5 years ago I think? All I remembered that it's ceiling to floor screen cinema.

And when I watch it last week, I was so impressed! The screen is sooooooo sharp and clear! Minus the size, the normal cinema will have grainy video and sometimes siap keluar garis2 putih right? Or is it soo yesterday? I pun tak sure. But in IMAX the video quality best lah! Only that, it is toooo big that my eyes can't cope the whole thing!

So best advice, sit as far as you can! We chose E and it's quite further already..but H or I will be better I think.

Christian Bale looks extra yummylicious too in that screen! LOL.

About the movie, the story line kinda predictable but it's so good! The arrangement, the music, the dialog, the action, I love them all! We plan to download it in 1080p and watch it while snuggling under the soft comfortable.

Finished the movie around 4:20PM, rushed for Zohor and then rushed out to pick up the kids. Tak sempat beli baju or whatever. Hopefully we manage to find it before balik raya.

Anyway, I feel quite sad that Ramadhan is leaving us. Sad and dissapointed with myself..because I didn't grab all the opportunity. Hope God grant me another year for Ramadhan and give me strength to perform better.


  1. tetiba rasa lega kekami dah beli baju sesiap.

    tahun ni temanya: MERAH
    semua sbb me recycle baju last year :P

  2. aan tengok imax kat berjaya time square.... citer... pirates 2.....