Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Manja King

I still haven't share about Raya stories but I don't have the mood yet. Too many pictures to sort out. Anyway couldn't help it not to share this one, it is toooo funny!

Little Emir was crying because umm..ok I forgot. Maybe because he didn't get his toys and I scold him. The funny thing is, he was crying asking for my attention, but then he refused to move towards me and sit still, a sign asking me to pick him up. Instead of picking him up, I stand in front of him, take out my phone to snap pictures and watch him cry, then he cries louder and louder but still refused to crawl to me even and inch and I couldn't help it but laugh. So drama!

Was crying, mommy please pick me up!

Started to cry very loud.

Louder. Still looking at me.

Loudest!!! Mommmyyyyy!!!

Hahaha. The moment I picked him up, he stop crying and sedu-sedu je. Alahai manjanya anak mommy ni :)