Sunday, September 16, 2012

Simple carbonara for kids

Just want to share a simple recipe for your toddler. Zahra is a very fussy eater. I thought it is just my imagination but even the babysitter told me "zahra makan memilih". So it always a troublesome for us to feed her. We are up to our sleeves and let her eat whatever she wants including junk food, maggi mee, etc..itu pun tanak! We even bought the pediasure to make sure she gets all the nutrient and boost up her appetite. Maybe it's just a phase..that I hope it will pass soon.

So today I was thinking to whip up something different for her (instead of the normal soups, nasi goreng, bolognese, etc) and she likes it! Preference might be different but you can try it out since it is soo easy and I made it less than 10mins.

Simple Carbonara

Onion, garlic, sausage (or if u r concern about the sodium and junkiness can replace it with chicken), butter, olive oil, crushed blackpepper, milk (any milk will do, I used dutch lady full cream), cheddar cheese, salt to taste.

Heat up the butter + olive oil, fry the diced garlic + onion, sauteed the sliced sausaged, stir in milk, dump a little bit grated cheddar cheese, add the pepper and salt, let it simmer for a while and it's done!

Ps: you can omit the salt because sausage and cheese make it salty enough.

Feel free to use any kind of pasta but I used farfalle (the ribbon shape pasta) because it looks fun and Zahra is excited with the cute shape. It's also the right size for her, I just slice the ribbon into two (half a ribbon per feed) and it fits the spoon nicely when she scoops it - no over fill, less mess. But the downside, it takes longer to cook because the thick wheat at the centre, around 10mins to make it al dente, but I cook for 15mins because I like it to be super soft for easier digestion.

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  1. I randomly found your blog. Thanks for the recipe....I'm going to try it for my kids. Your children are gorgeous! :)

  2. Deymmm... me cukup TAKUT nak try masakan barat ni. tatau kenapa.
    maybe sbb me tak reti nak sebut nama bebahan tu kot :P