Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Far Away

My favourite man is away, he is in a course in a 24-hours time different country - Canada for10 days. 8AM here means 8PM there.

This is our first time to be apart so far, and so long after we've been married. He's been in training and courses before but the most is only 1 night. So I was kinda freaking out. Not because I'm gonna miss him *haha keji* but how on earth I going to drive the 2 kiddos to babysitter and it's going to be a real pressure for me to take care both of kids. He's been such a helping hand and it's a big loss to me. 

Now I have to wash all the milk bottles and teats and breastpump and throw the rubbish into the dustbin. Yeah..apparently it's a big deal to me because I haven't do that in this 4 years marriage. Kontrak basuh botol susu and buang sampah awarded to him since day 1 haha.

Another thing is, driving to work with kids! Well, that one sounds normal but actually a bit impossible for me. Since the kids were born, I haven't drive straight from KD to KL. I still doing the driving, but for shorter distance, like picking MrComot up from meeting or going to MidValley, it's like 15mins away from the office, but from home - babysitter's place - office, will take me an average of 1 hour with very good traffic, up to 1h 45mins during bad day. And driving the big car with 2 kids, it's kinda intimidating.

Currency changed 

 I made him wolfie luggage tag, I'll story about this later.

 Emir was crying on the first night.

Zahra relaks je

Surprisingly, Zahra taking it so well. She didn't ask for her daddy or cry about it. We already told her a week earlier, everyday about daddy is going to work somewhere far away and it's going to be for few days (I said..lamaaaaaaa) and she macam faham. And the morning when the cab was here (I didn't even send MrComot to airport) around 6AM, I woke her up and told her again and she bye bye and fly a kiss for MrComot with half-close eyes.

So I guess it works. I did ask her, "Mana daddy" and she said "Daddy work, jauh..lameee".

My princess is such a big girl *sniffles*

Anyway, I didn't miss MrComot that much because the power of internet. We've been whatssapping each other like usual and occasionally on skype when time permits. After all, I've been very busy with the kids on hands.

But I can't wait for him to come back home! Ooooohhhh I really need him to take care of the house and the kids! Haha kidding! I can manage..well, I'll try :)


  1. Some how u going to make it la dear..dun worry. :)

  2. me?

    still dgn 'patah tengkuknya' :P

  3. Let me know when u need help! InsyaAllah i try